Third Annual Down at The Dinah: What The Celebs and Celesbians Are Packing

Third Annual Down at The Dinah: What The Celebs and Celesbians Are Packing

The largest lesbian Dionysian fest, The Dinah, is fast approaching and as we here at SheWired are preparing to pack our bags with sunscreen (or spray tan), BDG tank tops and Mac Lip Glass to take to the Dinah we wondered what essentials all the celesbians and celebrities performing at The Dinah are planning to pack in their bags! 

Here’s our third annual What the Celebs and Celesbians are Packing featuring Meredith Baxter and Nancy Locke, Fortune Feimster, CeCe Peniston, Tucky Williams, Kim Stoltz, Rye Rye, Porcelain Black, Jessica Kirson, Jessica Sutta, Lea Lorraine, Meital Dohan, and The Real L Word favorites Romi Klinger, Rose Garcia, Francine Beppu and Rachel Rodriguez:

Romi Klinger:

1. Casa Por Vida sunglass chain for sunglasses

2. Wake up call tee ripped up to throw over a bikini

3. Canteen for my H20

4. Sun block for my skin

5. Waterproof mascara

Rose Garcia:

1. ALL of my hot friends. I believe in the law of attraction!

2. Sunglasses and Advil!

3. Protein bars for me and my friends. Food kind of becomes irrelevant at The Dinah.

4. Lollipops for Romi. She needs something to suck on.

5. Condoms.

Meredith Baxter and Nancy Locke:

1. Lotion.

2. Lube.

3. L'eau.

That's really all we need...

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Meital Dohan:

1. Double Headed Dildo

2. Faux Fur Handcuffs

3. Pocket Rocket

4. 3 Pair of Lace Panties

5. And of course, a pair of Luis Vuitton's... never leave home without a good pair of pumps.

Jessica Sutta:

1. Red lipstick

2. Black Loubi stilettos

3. Bottle of Jack

4. My hot girl dancers

5. My killer show

Francine Beppu:

1. Sunglasses - so you can check people out without being blatantly obvi.

2. A Bag - to carry all of your things and possibly all of your friends' belongings as well... You don't want to misplace anything while shaking that booty.

3. Sunscreen/MauiBabe Browning Lotion - you definitely want to protect your skin from the sun and most of all NOT look like a red lobster while at The Dinah. Also a good way to meet hot girls: a lady always appreciates a 'helping' hand.

4. Redbull - it gives you wings and you'll definitely need some at some point during this vigorous weekend.

5. A good attitude - because nobody likes a deb.

What not to bring: A girlfriend. Yes, Dinah has a tendency to make or break couples. I wouldn't chance it especially if you are under the age of 25 and/or if this is your first time at The Dinah.

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Lea Lorraine:

1. Bottles of Jack cause there isn't a party until Mr. Daniels arrives

2. Multi vitamin for hangovers

3. My Russian Red MAC lipstick (I'm sure I'll need to re apply frequently)

4. Unlimited supply of the worlds smallest bikinis

5. An ID tag that states the following: "my government name, my emergency contact info, thank you and please don't tell my girlfriend"

Fortune Feimster:

1. You should bring lots of reading material so that you can pretend to be looking at a book when really you're checking out all the ladies who walk by. They in turn will think you're smart (because you can read) and somewhat mysterious for reading while everyone is getting drunk!

2. If you are as pale as me, you MUST bring sunscreen. There's no bigger buzz-kill than looking like a lobster!

3. Bring a camera! You think you will remember everything, but you won't, and there are things that you need to see for yourself or else you will never believe it!

4. If you own a tool kit, just bring it. Not because you need it, but because you're a lesbian and you owe it to your people to have it just in case.

5. Last but definitely not least, bring your dancing shoes, because trust me, you're gonna want to bust a move! (I'll be the girl by the pool doing the robot).

Tucky Williams:

1. Food. I am always hungry and know that I will need the energy, especially at night...

2. KY jelly. The company sent me a giant gift box. I can't let it go to waste.

3. Sunscreen. I'm just going to have to find a lady to apply it for me.

4. A lot of underwear. Enough said.

5. A yellow rubber glove.

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Rachel Rodriguez:

1. Binoculars - you never know what you may see!

2. Extra lip-gloss - girls will take that shit.

3. Booty shorts - strut your swag ladies

4. Some sort of large hat so you can sneak out of rooms easily

5. Sunglasses to hide those dark circles - lesbians become vampires at The Dinah

CeCe Peniston:

1. My Brand New Hit Single “Celebrate"

2. My "A" game so that I can kick some ass at the dodge ball tournament

3. A monokini for the pool with sexy heels to match

4. Bvlgari Sunglasses

5. Advil

Kim Stoltz:

1. 5 bikinis. Will probably lose 3 in the pool.

2. My new wine necklace. (From Wine Enthusiast)

3. The ability to stay awake for 2.5 days straight.

4. Mase? Just kidding. Not kidding?

5. Flowers – as apology to girlfriend for activities with regard to #1

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Porcelain Black:

1. Whiskey

2. Tiffany my DJ partner in my DJ group TRAINWRECKED

3. NINE INCH press-on NAILS

4. One bean n cheese burrito

5. And another bottle of whiskey

Rye Rye:

1. My fav lipstick

2. Fav pair of dancing heels

3. Sexy outfit

4. My hot dancers

5. My hot new single "Boom Boom"

Jessica Kirson:

1. An affirmation book

2. Boca veggie burgers

3. The Torah

4. Half a puzzle

5. And a ladle

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