'The Real L Word' Season 3 Cast Announced - Watch Trailer

'The Real L Word' Season 3 Cast Announced - Watch Trailer

In case you hadn’t heard yet, The Real L Word, the unreasonably addictive show that focuses on "real" lesbians, will be back for Season 3 this summer! Showtime just announced the ladies return on July 12 at 10pm, and the cast bios, official photo and the promo video have been released as well. 

In the new season the show is going bi-coastal, featuring women from Los Angeles as well as New York City.

This season will feature previous seasons’ fan favorites Whitney Mixter, Romi Klinger, and married ladies Cori and Kacy. Los Angeles-based guest star from the past two seasons Sara--although she will be moving to NYC--will also be a regular this time around. The newbies from New York City are Kiyomi, Somer and Amanda.

Kiyomi, front woman of all-lesbian rock band Hunter Valentine, will be attempting to balance her relationship at home with all the demands of a rock star’s life. According to her bio, she “is extremely stubborn and fiercely committed to the band that she believes is on the brink of making it big.”

Somer is the rhythm guitarist for Hunter Valentine, and also the newest band member. She’s attempting to have a “normal” life via “domestication, babies and, property with her new wife,” but still keeps up with the band’s lifestyle filled with adrenaline and whiskey.

Amanda will be in transition from NYC to the West Coast (anyone else sensing a Claire replacement?) to be near her bestie (with benefits), Lauren. Her job, according to her bio, is “PR/real estate/socialite.” When hanging with high society people, she won’t “hesitate to call out anyone who doesn’t make the grade” so she should provide a decent amount of drama.

Without further ado, here is the promo for The Real L Word Season 3:

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