Shot of the Day: Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron Rock their 'Prometheus' Spacesuits for EW

Shot of the Day: Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron Rock their 'Prometheus' Spacesuits for EW

There is a moment in just about every workday when we come across something sexy, gratuitous and completely pointless that we wish we could post but don't under the auspices of there being nothing lesbian about it and often there being no redeeming value. Well, we at SheWired have made an executive decision to just throw any of our pseudo-feminist caution to the wind and to just post our favorite shot of the day, whether it be sexy, salacious, or just because…

From the director who gave us Sigourney Weaver, in her underwear, battling an oozing, toothy alien monster comes Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, costarring the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Noomi Rapace and LGBT activist, Oscar winner and general hot-ass Charlize Theron. The film is perhaps nabbing the biggest buzz of the summer and now Entertainment Weekly’s latest issue features the space-suit clad alien hunters, including Michael Fassbender’s character, on the cover.

Prometheus, conceived as a prequel to the groundbreaking sci-fi / horror Alien franchise, takes place in the year 2085. The first Alien film was released in 1979 and was followed by three sequels. Scott directed the original Alien movie and returns to helm the prequel. 

Here's are Noomi, Charlize and Michael on the EW cover. 



Here is Charlize proving that she really can make anything look good. 


Here's Noomi channeling her inner Lisbeth and hacking into that spaceship's computer! 


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