God Des and She To Guest Star in New Lesbian Musical

God Des and She To Guest Star in New Lesbian Musical
Sunnivie Brydum

Out hip-hop/soul duo God Des and She will take to a slightly different stage in a special, one-night-only guest performance in the musical Lesbian Love Octagon on June 5 in New York City.

Lesbian Love Octagon — A Musical Comedy about Dykes, was written by Kim Kressal, and enjoyed a sold-out theatrical run in 2010. But now, creators are hoping to bring the musical on or off Broadway by 2014.

God Des and She, who are currently on tour promoting their latest album, The United States of God Des and She, will portray a late-90s lesbian performance artist duo in the musical, according to a press release. 

That's fitting, since the musical is set in the late 90s and follow Sue, a "less-than-butch dyke with a broken heart, as she tries to cope with losing her girlfriend to her ex-girlfriend," according to the release. "When Sue's friends (a bevy of ex-girlfriends' ex-girlfriends) come rushing to her aid, they incite a tempest of lust and betrayal as they try to convince Sue that the answer to happiness exists in polyamory, pomade, and online personals."

Kressal recruited God Des and She via Twitter, and hopes the out musicians' star power will help bring awareness about and funding to the musical, which will return to The Kraine Theater in New York starting June 6. 

The LLO team also launched an IndieGogo page, complete with a hilarious musical pitch for funding that screams out to "every LGBTQ" to help bring these dykes back to the stage! Watch the video below, and check out our exclusive interview with God Des and She right here.

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