Who Wants to See Hot Lesbian Private Investigators in 'The N&N Files?'

Who Wants to See Hot Lesbian Private Investigators in 'The N&N Files?'

Who doesn’t want to see hot lesbian private investigators navigating their personal lives and work in New Orleans? Everyone wants to see that right? Well, here’s your chance to bring the N&N files, based on the unaired 2004 pilot Nikki and Nora that starred Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, to life in the form of a web series. 

Producer Nancylee Myatt (South of Nowhere, 3Way, Cowgirl Up) and tello Films have teamed up to revive the legendary duo. If you're wary of our sue of the word "legendary," just Google Nikki & Nora fanfiction and you'll see why it fits. 

Vassey (CSI, Necessary Roughness) plays Nikki Beumont while Better than Chocolate’s Cox plays Nora Delany.

If the N&N Files reaches its goal of $50,000 with its Indiegogo campaign over the next 32 days then the first season will look like this:

Season One “Music, Mayhem and Mothers” takes Nikki and Nora into the underbelly of the New Orleans' music scene when they're hired to work on a case that puts them in the spotlight and the headlights. In the meantime, at home, Nikki and Nora tackle renovating their house while navigating the rising tide of resurfacing family issues.

Check out the N&N Files Indiegogo Campaign page and find out how you can be a part of this process! Meanwhile, Vassey and Cox are here to convince you to help. 

Visit the N&N Files Indiegogo campaign page. 

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