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Undressed with Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson

Undressed with Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson

Fedoras, leggings, spiked heels, Winston diamonds, designer T-shirts and more. America's most famous 'are they or aren't they?' couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson get undressed.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson-- names that have become inextricably linked in the past year. Gal pals that turned into, well, lovers who have piqued the curiosity of the free world. Lohan is a more known commodity. She has been photographed thousands of times in her short 22 years. We’ve watched her go from Mean Girls as the fresh-faced preppy high schooler to Party Girl on the scene at every hot Hollywood Club, to more recently tame girlfriend and hard working actress.

Sam Ronson, on the other hand, is less a public figure. An accomplished DJ who has spun at a host of A-lister private parties, she has mostly operated under the radar and under her signature fedora. Samantha’s stepfather is Mick Jones, guitarist of band Foreigner fame. Her brother is notable DJ-turned-music producer Mark Ronson, who was responsible for Amy Winehouse’s epic Back to Black album. I suspect all the music in Sam's upbringing is responsible for her rock star style.

Rumors of Lindsay and Sam’s romantic relationship were swirling for months, only to be confirmed on a recent radio interview. Now I’m hearing that the couple may be headed for nuptials, following a romantic Mexico vacation where Sam popped the question with a reported $50,000 diamond ring!

Like many lesbian couples, Lindsay and Sam have very different looks and style. Lindsay leans more toward the feminine side with tight, sparkled outfits and stacked bangles, while Sam prefers the loose, wrinkled boyish direction. Both are cute in their own way, depending on what you like.


Lindsay has a unique range, especially considering her young age. She can go from freckled-faced, pretty tomboy with ripped cut offs, Aviator sunglasses and a chunky necklace, to gorgeous starlet, complete with a designer gown, Harry Winston diamonds and spiked heels. She looks the part in each situation, showing more grace and media savvy than many 10 years her senior.


In her everyday life, we see Lindsay mostly in her signature leggings. Not everyone can pull off these clingy, pant stand-ins. While incredibly comfortable, they show every detail of the figure, and therefore open wearers up for easy criticism.

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Traditionally worn by stick-thin girls, leggings somehow work on Lindsay’s curvy shape. In fact, she’s such a fan of the staple piece, that she recently launched her own legging line called 6126 in New York’s Henri Bendel.

The line, named after Lohan’s idol, Marilyn Monroe, who was born on the date of 6/1/26, offers a holiday collection, which promises to be “pretty eclectic, from gold zippers to leather detailing, to buttery soft cashmere.” She apparently has no intention of letting the '80s cease and desist.

Lindsay has tried out a range of hair colors and styles over the years. We’ve seen her blond, brunette and back to her natural red. Through the magic of retouching and foundation, we sometimes see her multitude of freckles, while other times she appears with porcelain skin.

I can’t totally get behind the masses wearing leggings. They look incredibly casual and often make women appear nearly naked, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on circumstance. That said, I suspect the 20-something crowd will gravitate to Lindsay’s new line with gleeful permission to wear something tight AND comfortable. The second shot above is an example of Lindsay’s sometimes tendency to dress much older than she is or should. She ends up looking like a trashy Beverly Hills housewife, an easy legging pitfall.

Now let’s consider Lindsay’s other half, Sam. Her style appears happenstance. Rarely seen without a fedora, Ronson has a laid back, cotton-dominated look. To the untrained eye, she may appear to have just jeans and t-shirts in her closet, but look a little closer. Her jeans have just the right amount of fade and her T-shirts are the uber soft, James Perce caliper, which costs more than a stack of most T-shirts. She also has a bevy of fedoras to cover her bleached blond messy hair. On occasion you’ll see Lindsay sporting one as well.

Samantha has a pretty scrappy build, so she wears the skinny jean well. She almost always layers, opting for vests, blazers or button downs over T-shirts, which dress them up a bit. She’ll also rock a tie over a T-shirt, which offers a nice juxtaposition between casual and formal and works perfectly as she spins the night away.

Rarely do we see Samantha in any make up or without her hat. This recent shot is the most flattering image I’ve ever seen of her. She’s back to a normal hair color, sporting a little lipstick and light make up. Lindsay is glowing in gold, a wonderful choice for her warm tones. They may just arguably be the hottest new couple in Hollywood!

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