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Where the Girls Are on TV: Sara Ramirez, Anna Torv, Tori Spelling

Where the Girls Are on TV: Sara Ramirez, Anna Torv, Tori Spelling

It's meet the parents on Grey's Anatomy with Sara Ramirez's Callie and her hot doc, Jessica Capshaw's Arizona. Jenny Garth and Tori Spelling reunite and hit up West Hollywood's hot lesbian night Truckstop on 90210. On Fringe Anna Torv kisses a feamle stripper (it's complicated). Newly single Lindsay Lohan spills her guts to Ellen Degeneres about her break with Sam Ronson. And Ali Larter and Beyonce beat the crap out of each other in Obsessed!

I’ve luckily -- or unluckily -- only had to meet a girlfriend’s parents as a girlfriend (and not as a teammate, lab partner, tutor, classmate, friend of a friend, coworker, and or any other platonic “I’m not in actuality screwing your daughter” title you can think of) once in my lifetime. And that one time went particularly well if I do say so myself. I’d like to think that parents like me, and think that I’m worthy enough for their daughter. But of course, I’m no doctor.

This week on Grey’s Callie introduces her daddy -- guest star Hector Elizondo -- to her new relationship. After throwing George and McSteamy against the wall for hurting Callie in some way, its Arizona’s turn to meet the protective father.

After skirting around the conversation with the pronoun dance that I know of all too well, stating that the person she’s dating is “handsome and beautiful,” Dr. Torres finally gives and grabs Arizona who’s been in earshot of the entire conversation this whole time and presents her to daddy as the person she’s dating. Worried that her fate could be the same as George’s and McSteamy’s, Arizona nervously extends her hand and says that she hopes he draws the line at throwing women against walls. Thank God for double standards. Besides, the only acceptable time to throw a girl against the wall is… nevermind.



Later in the episode Callie confesses to her daddy about how happy Arizona has made her, that they’re relationship is easy and comfortable, and even through she wasn’t looking for a person, it just happened, and it feels good with her. I’m sure it does…



Meanwhile, in the latest adventures of Donna and Kelly -- reunited and it feels so good doesn’t it?! -- the latest episode of 90210 found the girl besties looking for a place to party. A couple of locals point them in the direction of Truck Stop. Major props to writers for doing their research and actually naming a place that exists in Los Angeles.



After ordering a couple shots, the girls finally get the point when they notice the surprising lack of testosterone in the room, and confirm their suspicions when they notice a couple making out by the bar. Despite their oops -- Donna tells Kelly that the girls who suggested the place must have assumed they were together because they were interlocking arms… as if that’s what we really look for -- the girls decide to stay and get friendly with a couple ladies on the dance floor before taking their ego boosts and heading home.


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The makeshift bar, though cute and trendy, complete with all-girl indie band playing on stage, go-go dancers, and dim lighting with drapery, was no comparison to the actual Truck Stop that LA locals venture off to on a Friday night in West Hollywood. Any regular would know that the bartender would be wearing less, there'd be more of a crowd, and shots like dirty girl scouts would be taken off Bam Bam’s body, if you’ve ever been so lucky. Also, girls at Truck Stop don’t dance like that. But I guess this isn’t cable television.



J.J. Abrams -- the guy who brought you Alias -- new cult hit Fringe had star Anna Torv’s character Olivia linking minds with a man with whom she was paired during a clinical trial as a child. Its all very J.J. Abrams-esque. Torv portrays the persona of a man complete with swagger and stare. Lucky for us, he stays in Torv’s body long enough to visit a strip club, and we watch him -- in her body -- lock lips with a very hot stripper.




If Torv looks like she’s done this before, its because she has on BBC’s Mistresses, in which she played Shelley Conn’s lover during the series’ first season.

And if anyone -- anyone at all? -- is wondering what happened between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson, catching her on Ellen wouldn’t have helped you. Lindsay dropped by to talk about well… herself. As if her eHarmony wasn’t enough to publicize her break-up, Lilo came to talk seriously about what happened and set the record straight…. Except that she didn’t really. The actress opened up by saying that she had nothing to hide, and that the internet and tabloid phenomenon has been incredibly negative in her life, and also hinted that she had no idea what was going on, and still doesn’t really apparently.


“…but when you don’t know you’re breaking up. …I didn’t know what was going on, I just hadn’t seen her in a week, she just kind of disappeared…”


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Ouch. My heart goes out to the girl. Even the best of us have at least been broke up via post-it or email, but a break up with no break up at all? That’s gotta hurt.



Ellen goes on to coax Lindsay to say more, and Lindsay jokes that she usually talks too much, to which Ellen replies that she isn’t saying enough about it.

Lindsay goes on to dispel rumors of cheating and restraining orders, and again says that she doesn’t have any idea what’s going on. We get it, you had no idea Lilo.

It was nice to see Ellen lend her motherly heap of advice about dealing with a public break-up -- most likely referring to her own with Anne Heche -- and in the end, Lindsay had nothing but good things to say about her ex, stating that, “I really care about Samantha, and we’ll see happens… maybe when we’re both in the right place.”

Speaking of crazy bitches, as the box-office indicates, we love us some crazy bitches. Obsessed topped the list, earning $28.5 million its opening weekend. What do we know about the movie? Heroes hottie Ali Larter gets a little psycho and bitchfights Beyonce. Enough said. I fell in lust with the blond vixen at least 3 times in my lifetime. The first, when she was clad in nothing but a whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues, the second when she donned an orange jumpsuit to play Brooke Windham in Legally Blonde, and the third when she appeared as an online stripper with a double personality in the current cult drama, Heroes.


Clearly, Larter knows how to play unconventional and anything but ordinary. How well did she do this time? Catfights with Beyonce. Need we ask for more? She recently sat down with the to talk about the movie a little more. You can find the interview here

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