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Yes, Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley is Knitting on the Sidelines

Yes, Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley is Knitting on the Sidelines

A multitalented king!

Tom Daley has had a pretty amazing Olympics. After 13 years at the Olympics, he finally got the gold medal. He did so alongside his new diving partner Matt Driver.

But since his win, he hasn't strayed far.

The Team Great Britain member still has his individual dive to compete and has a whole team to help support. And support he has been doing, cheering from the sidelines. But you know what they say about idle hands! So, Daley has been hard at work on a hobby of his: knitting.

Over the weekend social media has started noticing that Daley has been knitting a variety of things. In one screen capture he is creating a Team Great Britain cardigan. In another he's making a dog jumper. And he's previously made little holders for all of the medals his friends are winning.

Daley started knitting and crocheting as a bit of a hobby at the beginning of the ongoing global pandemic. In fact, it became so much of a hobby that he started an Instagram account associated with it: Made with Love by Tom Daley . It's accrued over 500,000 followers, where he shows off everything from blankets, sweaters, scarves, and hats to booties, toys, and even a dress.

He's even auctioned off the pieces to charity in the past. Last month he raised almost 6,000 British Pounds for a brain tumor charity with one sweater.

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