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11 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

11 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

11 Reasons to Date Your Best Friend

Because you've been through it all together...

That first move can be super, super awkward. After all, you've been hanging out a while now: you've peed in front of each other, you've shared your worst dating anecdotes and she took you to the emergency room after you walked into a wall that time while texting.  What if your fruitless search for "The One" has been an ongoing saga for a reason? What if "The One" was right in front of you all along? We're not advocating that everyone should go out and hit on her best friends, but there are instances where it feels right on both sides. Here are some reasons why besties make the best partners... 

11. The groundwork is already done.

You know what she majored in at college, you know she hates cabbage. You know she once dyed their hair blue and that she's only ever watched TheMatrix halfway through. You know it's hard for her to find shoes because she has high arches and that she once met Kim Kardashian. You could ace an exam on her, basically.


10. Your mother knows when her birthday is.

But if you do forget anything important, you might well be covered. She's practically a member of the family, after all. The same goes for when you "forget" to cook her that romantic meal you promised. Round to the parents' house!



9. Mascara is optional.

She's seen you in all kinds of states already. Sure, it's great to dress up for them, but it's not as if they're going to have a heart attack if you don't. 


8. Your elderly cat hurled on her at 4am? So what?

Sure, my partner was a bit freaked when this happened the first time. But they've reached an agreement with one another now. Seven am is acceptable, 4am isn't.


7. Sex is way less scary.

It's so good to know that it doesn't matter if you shaved unevenly or if it was just one of those days when you reached for the granny panties. 



6. But sex isn't obligatory. You can watch My Little Pony instead.

Or just hug or braid each other's hair, or draw on each other with Sharpies, or eat pizza.


5. That period when you were getting drunk and "accidentally" having sex and pretending you didn't fancy each other was actually hot as hell.

"But it's my best friend! I so don't fancy my best friend!" Everyone around you is totally aware that you do. Your cute little mutual resistance to the big fat truth won't last long. We promise. In the meantime, everyone is laughing at you both affectionately behind your backs.



4. You know what cheesy little gifts to buy them. Because you've been buying them already for, like, ages!

Most other prospective dates would NOT know to get them a My Little Pony hairband, a DVD of Knight Rider and some really stinky blue cheese as a Friday evening treat.


3. You can be a total pain in the ass. She isn't going anywhere, though.

Irritable text messages are like water off a duck's back to her. She wants you even when you seriously got out the wrong side of the bed and are being a giant brat.



2. Your mother approves.

I once tried to dump my partner and my mother actually forbade me from doing it. Like straight-up:"No, you aren't doing that." I'm pretty scared of my mother, so I listened. Best decision ever.


1. They don't care about your cellulite or any other imperfection. 

She got way past that stage, a long time ago. You're no stranger in a bar: you're her bestie.


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