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Katy O'Brian Dishes On Working With Kristen Stewart In New Bodybuilding Film

Katy O'Brian Dishes On Working With Kristen Stewart In New Bodybuilding Film

Katy O'Brian, Kristen Stewart
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Can we just watch this now, please?


With sapphics everywhere already clamoring for Kristen Stewart’s upcoming bodybuilding thriller, co-star Katy O’Brian recently opened up about getting to work with the actress and her excitement for the film.

In conversation with Them, O’Brian recounted her chemistry read for the project, and how immediately chill spending time with Stewart turned out to be.

“During my third audition, I had my chemistry read with her and I was super nervous,” she said. “And I was like, ‘You know, she’s just sitting outside the audition room right now, and we’re both waiting. So why don’t I just go chat with her?’

“And I did, and she put me at ease right away. Just super casual. We talked about pets, and what we liked about the movie, and [director] Rose [Glass] and how wonderful she is.”

Love LiesBleeding is described as a romantic thriller revolving around a bodybuilder and her protective lover, with most plot details still being kept under wraps. It was written by Weronika Tofilska and Glass, who made a splash with her disturbing and understated horror film, Saint Maud, in 2021.

“I’m really excited to see this movie,” O’Brian added. “I think it’s gonna be a really, really cool movie with a queer love story where it’s not just centered around somebody coming out, you know? The queerness is not the conflict of the movie at all, which I think is just so great and refreshing.”

Jena Malone, Dave Franco, and Ed Harris are also set to appear in the film, which doesn’t yet have a release date, but a test screening reportedly provoked “visceral” reactions from audience members.

Who is Kristen Stewart in a relationship with?

Stewart is engaged to Dylan Meyer.

How many children does Kristen Stewart have?


How old was Kristen Stewart in the first Twilight movie?

Stewart was just 18 when the first Twilight was filmed.

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