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5 Reasons Cats Are Better than Boyfriends

5 Reasons Cats Are Better than Boyfriends

5 Reasons Cats Are Better than Boyfriends

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Ok, sure, guys are nice to look at. They can take you on dates. They can be taken on dates. They can sleep over. They can Netflix and chill. Some of the good ones can cook, hold down jobs and call their mothers.

But cats? Cats will always be better.

1. Cats don't hide their disdain for you

Guys will pretend to like you, but few of them have the balls to admit when they're over you. Cats? They DGAF. If they dislike you, the slimy hairball in your bed will prove it.

Cat Slap

2. Cats don't make you feel more important than you are

Guys can make you feel all sorts of warm fuzzies, even if it's all a lie. But a cat won't play that game. You exist to feed them and clean their litter box. And they don't try to make you believe otherwise.

Feed Me Cat

3. Cats aren't afraid to ask for what they want

Guys will hide their true desires under layers and layers of bullshit. But a cat? If they want you to pet them, they'll sit on your hands until you do. If they want you to leave them the eff alone? You'll get a claw across the jaw.

Stop Cat

4. Cats have no problem judging you

Guy: "Oh, that's cool, I sometimes drink wine on a Wednesday night by myself, too!"

Cat: "Gurl, I see you eyeing that second bottle. No wonder you're still single, writing articles about me, you drunk-ass loser."

Judging Cat

5. Cats shit in a designated area

And it's not on your heart. Because they love you so damn much.

Let Me Love You Cat


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