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Two of Destiny 2's Biggest Nonplayable Characters Are In a Gay Romance

Two of 'Destiny 2's Biggest NPC's Are In a Gay Romance

Two of 'Destiny 2's Biggest NPC's Are In a Gay Romance

Legendary Guardians Osiris and Saint-14 are confirmed as a couple!


Gaymers have been wondering for a while now if Destiny 2’s characters Osiris and Saint-14 were more than friends, and now Bungie, the developers of the game, have confirmed that their’s is a gay love story.

Hints started becoming less and less subtle this season, with Osiris finding notes left for him by Saint-14, and Saint-14 referring to Osiris as "my fiery phoenix." The exiled Warlock and former Titan Vanguard are two of the online multiplayer first-person shooter’s most legendary Guardians and are a huge part of the game’s plot.

Robert Brookes, a narrative designer for Bungie who is bisexual, wrote out a lengthy and moving Twitter thread about the couple, saying that he faced a lot of confusion about his sexuality when he was younger because he didn’t see any representation of queer people, and didn’t know what it meant to be queer.

Brookes specifically called out queerbaiting, and said that now that he has a chance to make real representation for others who might be looking like he was, he didn’t want Destiny to fall into that trope. "Queerbaiting exists, it's not kind, and it has no place in a queer-friendly community or within spaces that promote LGBT rights," his tweets said. "There's a place and time for nuance and that isn't it, because to do so is actively damaging to a marginalized community."

"I've been writing Saint and Osiris as gay since I started working at Bungie, because that's who they were before," Brookes tweeted. "They are private and nuanced characters. There was never a space in which to unequivocally state their identities. But nuance is lost in an age of queerbaiting."

Fans immediately took to social media to celebrate and post fanart of the confirmed couple, who aren’t just the first same-sex NPC couple in the game, but the first couple of any kind. Destiny 2 is one of the most popular online games, and now that it has confirmed queer characters, it’s sure to get even more love from LGBTQ+ fans!

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