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​‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Is Richly Complex & Radically Inclusive Masterpiece​

The most complex RPG is made accessible in this stunning achievement of a game.

‘Final Fantasy 16’ Is A Return To The Glory Days Of This Beloved Series

Finally, a Final Fantasy for the ages.

10 Mythical Creatures That Are Definitely Queer

Of course these magical creatures are queer! What else would they be?!

The Shadow & Bone Cast On Queer Love & Conquering Monsters In Season 2

PRIDE sat down with Kit Young, Jack Wolfe, Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, Amita Suman, Danielle Galligan, Calahan Skogma, and Daisy Head to discuss what lies ahead.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Photos Tease First Look at Wylan and Jesper

Plus, when the season is premiering on Netflix.

Soman Chainani Teases a Potential Sequel to 'The School of Good and Evil'

Get ready bookworms... school is still in session.

10 Netflix Originals We’re Hyped For After The Tudum Global Fan Event

Spooky queerdos, gunslinging bisexuals, and J.Lo going action hero. What’s not to love?

House of the Dragon Finally Has Its Confirmed Gay Character

Praise the Seven? Maybe not.

Neil Gaiman Teases Good Omens Gets Even Better In Season 2

More Aziraphale and Crowley shipping is on the way.

5 Queer Fantasy Series You Can Watch Before House of the Dragon

The Game of Thrones spinoff drops this weekend, but you don’t have to wait to get your fantasy fix. 

The First 'Eternals' Trailer Is Officially Here!

And with it comes the first look at Marvel Studios' first on-screen gay superhero! 

Here's the 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters, According to the Internet

The people have spoken! And so many queer faves made the list!

Zack Snyder Wrote a '300' Sequel That Included a Gay Love Story

But apparently, Warner Bros. didn't want any part of it. 

Here's a First Look at Camila Cabello & Billy Porter's 'Cinderella'

Yes, we still believe in fairy tales!!

Marvel Comics Introduces New LGBTQ+ Superhero Somnus for Pride Month

The queer superhero fam just keeps getting bigger and bigger! 

Pansexual God Loki's Disney+ Series Has a NEW Premiere Date

We'll be getting to see the canonically queer Norse trickster back on our screens sooner rather than later! 

The First Look at Marvel's 'The Eternals' Has Us Gay Screaming

Phase 4 of the MCU already has its foot on our necks! 

Bi King 'Lucifer' Is Back in Season 5, Part 2 Trailer

Hail Satan! New Lucifer episodes are coming our way very, very soon!