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Here’s Why Zack Synder's Space Epic ‘Rebel Moon’ Is Deeper Than You Think

Never underestimate the power of the popcorn movie.

4 Moments From The Doctor Who Trailer That Prove It's The Camp Adventure We Crave

Neil Patrick Harris is starring as a villain in the 60th anniversary specials!

Neil Patrick Harris & Yasmin Finney Queer Up New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer

NPH shows off his moves and Yasmin appears as the mysterious companion Rose.

Doctor Who’s Swinging New Look Is So Awesomely Gay!

The BBC has released a sneak peek of the Doctor and his companion in a chic 60 throwback.

Should This ‘Last Of Us’ Villain Get Their Own Spinoff?

Star Melanie Lynskey sure thinks so.

This ‘Drag Race’ Icon Was Just Cast On The New ‘Doctor Who’

hich All Stars Winner is about to get timey-wimey for the BBC?

‘The Power’s Toni Collette & John Leguizamo On Subverting Gender Norms

PRIDE sat down with the stars of the new series to talk about empowerment and how it upends ideas of gender.

‘The Power’s Naomi Alderman On Its Radical, Inclusive Gender Politics

PRIDE caught up with the author and the show’s co-executive producer Tim Bricknell to talk about why adding a trans character was essential in adapting the show, and why they aren’t afraid to ask the big questions about power and gender.

The Power's Auli’i, Halle & Edwina On The Allure & And Perils Of Power

PRIDE sat down with the stars of the dystopian series about how it proposes a brave and complicated new world.

‘Doctor Who’ Just Keeps Getter Queerer As Trans Actor Pete MacHale Is Cast

The hallowed sci-fi series is serving trans representation.

Andor Finally Gave Us The Queer Star Wars Characters We Were Promised

And they didn't even die... yet.

10 Netflix Originals We’re Hyped For After The Tudum Global Fan Event

Spooky queerdos, gunslinging bisexuals, and J.Lo going action hero. What’s not to love?

Doctor Who Is Officially Gay According To Neil Patrick Harris

The Uncoupled star confirmed Ncuti Gatwa’s version of the iconic Timelord is both queer and sexier than ever before.

6 Queer Space Operas To Watch Now That Obi-Wan Is Over

Ben Kenobi may be a total daddy, but he’s straight. Here are some out-of-this-world shows to satisfy your queerest sci-fi cravings instead. 

Netflix's 'Cowboy Bebop' Reveals Gender-Neutral Character Radical Ed

Non-binary newcomer Eden Perkins stars as the anarchic space hacker.

Kristen Stewart Will Play a Satellite in Love With a Buoy in New Movie

Just your average rom-com in space!

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Drops A Mind-Bending Interactive First Look

Choose between the red and blue pill for a look at one of 180,000 (yes, 180,000) unique teaser videos.

The First 'Eternals' Trailer Is Officially Here!

And with it comes the first look at Marvel Studios' first on-screen gay superhero! 

Here's the 10 Sexiest Video Game Characters, According to the Internet

The people have spoken! And so many queer faves made the list!

Pansexual God Loki's Disney+ Series Has a NEW Premiere Date

We'll be getting to see the canonically queer Norse trickster back on our screens sooner rather than later!