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20 Queer Q's with Alfonso Cobo

20 Queer Q's with Alfonso Cobo

20 Queer Q's with Alfonso Cobo

The CEO of the Unfold app sits down with PRIDE's Joe Rodriguez for a round of 20 Queer Q's!


The 20 Queer Q's series seeks to capture LGBTQ+ individuals (and allies) in a moment of authenticity. We get to know the subjects, what makes them who they are, and what they value.

The goal of these intimate conversations is to leave you, the reader, feeling like you just gained a new friend, a new perspective, and that you learned something new about or saw a different side of someone—maybe someone that you don’t see online, but someone that’s maybe like you.

This round of, we're getting to know Alfonso Cobo, the CEO of Unfold, an app for storytellers! Learn about Alfonso’s ideal night, how he feels about his chosen family, what he considers to be a queer anthem, and more!


Name: Alfonso Cobo

Age: 27

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Sexually Identifies As: Gay

What do you love about the LGBTQ+ community?

I love the diversity that you can find within the community. We’re all so different and come from different backgrounds, but we all share that one thing in common that brings us all closer together and I think that’s beautiful.

What does Pride mean to you?

It’s a celebration of one’s self, of such a diverse community, and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a recognition for the fight that was done years and years back that we can’t take for granted. All of us owe our freedom to the people who came before us. 

What’s a song you consider to be an LGBTQ+ anthem?

"All the Lovers" by Kylie Minogue.

What advice you have for LGBTQ+ youth?

Always take your time, feel that you are safe enough to be yourself. Don’t rush things, things take time and finding a group of people online or in real life helps so much.


Favorite drink to order at a bar?

I usually get a rum and coke. It’s a classic!

Fill in the blank: Love is _______.

The only thing that’s real. 

What hopes do you have for the LGBTQ+ community in the future?

I hope we support each other more. I hope we help those that still need help in this fight. Not everyone has the same freedom to be as privileged as we are. 

What is something you want to change about yourself in the next 6 months?

I want to focus on learning new skills, figure out new passions, and have side projects that keep me entertained and my brain working.


What do you feel most insecure about?

The way I verbally communicate my thoughts and ideas.

What are you most confident about?

My ability to solve problems.

What’s your relationship with your family like?

My family’s great and very supportive. They’re proud of me. They come from a humble background so seeing my life and what I’m doing, they’re very proud and I’ll always feel thankful for them.

Have you found your chosen family? How do they make you feel?

They’re great. I find my gay group of friends is super diverse. We all come from different places, with different jobs and in New York, they’re passionate about what they do, and I feel like I absorb that and it pushes me to do more. We’re all very real and I feel we’re all very homely. We look to the future, our dreams, and plans and like a family and we have a very healthy friendship.


What is the title of the current chapter of your life?

"This Year I Finally Bloomed."

What is a quality you find sexy?


Do you feel that people are as authentic online as they are in person?

No. Online we all curate the life that we want to create. Even myself, I’m very critical of what I post online and everyone might think I might have a perfect life from an outside perspective, but at the same time it’s been my hardest year and people might not be aware of that. 

What song makes you feel the most confident and makes you feel better about yourself?

"Dancing Queen" by ABBA.


Fill in the blank: In 5 years I want to _________.

Have more stability in my life and be really happy.

What does an ideal night for you look like?

Staying in at home, having a drink, dancing around some disco lights I plugged in, playing some loud music, and dancing around with someone I care about. 

How would you like to be remembered?

As a good person who worked hard, achieved his dreams, and helped people along the way.

What value/quality has being queer given you? What have you gained?

I feel like we’re challenged to try and work hard and surpass others in other areas because we feel diminished in certain areas. I feel that has helped me my whole life pushing hard to not be the best, but be happy with what I do and excel in every area I’ve tried.

Keep up with Alfonso on Instagram and Twitter, and be sure to download Unfold available for iOS and Android!

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