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20 Queer Q's with Alex Berg

20 Queer Q's with Alex Berg

20 Queer Q's with Alex Berg

This week, PRIDE's Joe Rodriguez plays a round of 20 Queer Q's with journalist Alex Berg!


The 20 Queer Q's series seeks to capture LGBTQ+ individuals (and allies) in a moment of authenticity. We get to know the subjects, what makes them who they are, and what they value.

The goal of these intimate conversations is to leave you, the reader, feeling like you just gained a new friend, a new perspective, and that you learned something new about or saw a different side of someone—maybe someone that you don’t see online, but someone that’s maybe like you.

This week get to know host, producer, and journalist Alex Berg! Learn about her thoughts on Pride, who she’d like to shadow for a day, her hopes for the LGBTQ+ community in the future, and more!


Name: Alex Berg

Age: 32

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

Sexually Identifies As: Queer, Bisexual, Femme

What do you love about the LGBTQ+ community?

I love queer and trans people. I love that we create culture, art, and are at the forefront of many social movements. I love that we provoke people into new ways of thinking and living. I love that there are many communities and that we’re not a monolith. I love the way, personally, that LGBTQ+ people have pushed me to grow, embraced me, and have made me think outside of the box. 

How did you feel attending your first Pride?

It was after New York state passed same-sex marriage at a time where I was figuring out my own identity. There’s a moment that has really stopped in time for me that is being at the New York City Pride parade and seeing elected officials walk the streets and celebrate something substantial, a policy change for LGBTQ+ people, and it was amazing because I saw progress. In my mind, it’s like watching a movie being replayed. I felt a part of something at a time when I was really not sure where I fit. I also think of going to many parties, meeting many different kinds of people, dancing my ass off, and having an amazing time. 

What does Pride mean to you?

A time to look back and honor the legacies of activists like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera and understand how our community has arrived where we are while recognizing the people who have done the work. It’s also a time to celebrate where we are and be with our chosen family, loved ones and experience much-needed joy. I think it’s also a time to consider and look at the challenges that our community and individuals in our communities are facing and a time to assess who we’re centering our visibility on and who we’re centering our activism around. 

What’s a song you consider to be an LGBTQ+ anthem?

"You Make Me Feel Mighty Real" by Sylvester.

What advice you have for LGBTQ+ youth?

Be compassionate to yourself. You don’t have to come out tomorrow and don't have to find your community today. Do things on your own timeline, when you’re ready, and with whatever feels good to you. Accept yourself wherever you are in that process. 

Do you believe in love?

Yes, I 100% believe in love. I believe in platonic, romantic love, all kinds of love. 

Favorite drink to order at a bar?

A Manhattan.

What hopes do you have for the LGBTQ+ community in the future?

I hope that everyone can live in a world where people are safe to be themselves, be human, and not encouner violence or discrimination, and where everybody can thrive. 

Fill in the blank: When you think of comfort you think of _________.

Sitting on the couch with my wife and three cats.

What is the title of the current chapter of your life?

"Don’t Postpone Joy."


What's a quality you find sexy?

Integrity. My wife’s haircut. When people unapologetically know who they are. 

Do you feel that people are as authentic online as they are in person? 

No. I think some people are and some aren’t. I think oftentimes we curate a version of ourselves online for many different reasons. 

What song makes you feel the most confident and makes you feel better about yourself?

Any Spice Girls song, but particularly "Never Give Up on the Good Times."

How much does your LGBTQ+ identity play into your overall identity?

A lot. I think my identity as a femme especially plays into my identity, but it’s definitely just one layer of many aspects of who I am.

Fill in the blank: In 5 years I want to _________.

Helming different projects for myself.

What does self-love look like?

Acceptance, taking care of yourself, and having less self-doubt. 

How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who had integrity, someone who was a good listener, and as someone who made an effort to do nuanced and careful work. Someone who had a killer sense of style and was fun at a party.

If you could shadow anybody for a day, who would it be?

Oprah, but when she was on the rise in her 30s with her hosting and being a journalist. I would love to see what her process is. I’m always interested in how people get from point A to point B. I would love to bear witness to all that. 

Are you the person you thought you’d grow up to be? Do you think younger you would be proud of older you?

In some ways yes, and in some ways, I don’t think I had any idea of what my life would be like. But also, definitely, yeah I think I would be. I think I would be proud and I would recognize the person. I think I would be happy that I’m the same person. 

What value/quality has being queer given you? What have you gained?

The permission to transgress various social expectations and heteronormative expectations especially around our family structure or having to hit certain goalposts through life. 


Keep up with Alex on her Twitter and Instagram!

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