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UPDATED: Meet The Sexy Cast Of For The Love Of DILFs

UPDATED: Meet The Sexy Cast Of 'For The Love Of DILFs'

Leyria, Prince, Matt, and Charles
Courtesy of OUTtv

We’re already obsessed with these hot himbos and delicious daddies!


UPDATE: We are now six episodes into the first season (season two of the hit show has already been greenlit!) and all the Daddies and Himbos have made their way into the house. As they’ve arrived, they’ve steamed things up and even broke a few hearts along the way. Is it any wonder we’re obsessed with this show? Scroll down to get to know the new cast that joined throughout the season.

Not one single episode has dropped and alreadyFor The Love Of DILFs is must-see TV.

Put five daddies and five himbos in one house and you just know that sparks — and plenty of drama — are about to fly. We can’t wait to see how this turns out.

But not only does it boast a cast of sexy gay men looking for love: the show is hosted by the iconic Stormy Daniels, who serves as master of ceremonies as well as friend (and sometimes counselor) to the men, who are in the house looking for a real love connection.

For the uninitiated, For The Love of DILFs — which is set to air on OUTtv, and is from the producers of Slag Wars and Hot Haus — pairs up two groups of gay men and has them get to know one another, to see if there’s a connection. For one lucky couple, not only will they find love, but if they’re voted to be most likely to succeed they’ll also take home a cash prize of $10,000 as an investment in their future relationship.

Who are these sexy daddies and himbos? Well, It’s time to meet the cast... and believe us when we say that they are single and ready to mingle — intergenerationally.

Meet the new Himbos! 

MATT (Arrived in episode 2)


Courtesy of OUTtv

Instagram: @MattPalmerOfficial

TikTok: @MattPalmerOfficial

The first new Himbo to join the cast was vers king Matt, who immediately shook things up with his swagger and good looks. Also those abs.

Matt is a former collegiate football player, retired coast guardsman, go-go dancer extraordinaire, model, actor — you name it, he’s done it all!

So how did he end up on For the Love Of DILFs? He was once again looking to shake things up. “I felt like it was my time to look for love in a different place other than the dance floor! So instead of speed dating or a coffee date I decided to go on a dating show,” he says.

When he walked in the door of DILF Manor, Matt already knew what he was looking for from the Daddies, and that’s someone he could have as much fun out of the bedroom with as in it. “What I’m hoping for in these Daddies is someone who could accept me for all of me and to just be able to watch a fucking football game or pick up the sticks for some 2K — is that too much to ask?” He wants someone, “down to bro out, please. We’ll do it naked I promise.”

For Matt, finding what he wanted out in the real world has been a struggle, but he’s hopeful that his Daddy match may just be what he was looking for all along. “It’s hard out here in the gay community finding another gay that’s into sports but I’m sure I’m looking in the right place this time, guess we’ll see,” he ponders. “Sorry if I’m taking the masc for masc category too seriously but who’s to say you can’t be into football and still get this taint tickled? “

DEMILO (Arrived in episode 4)


Courtesy of OUTtv

IG: @xo.demilo

When DeMilo the Himbo walked into the house, he was ready to set the Daddies wild. And with his musical skills, he could no doubt make many a Daddy swoon. Born and raised in Philadelphia, this Himbo is dedicated to studying music. “I’m a former student of Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and I’m a full-time singer, songwriter, producer, and model,” he shares.

“I was recently a resident performer at the Palm Cabaret in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and my new EP What Is Love? dropped in early 2023.”

PRINCE (Arrived in episode 5)


Courtesy of OUTtv

IG: @ThePrinceJoshua

Tiktok: @ThePrinceJoshuaOfficial

Twitter: @ThePrinceJoshua

Last but not least to enter the house is Prince Charming, or rather Prince Joshua, another Himbo who has no shortage of confidence. “I’m not only charming but also talented,” he says. “I work as a model, go-go dancer, bartender, fashion designer, and influencer, combining my multiple passions and royal aesthetic across social media.”

While he has plenty career-wise to keep him busy, it hasn’t stopped him from looking for love. “I’m a hopeless romantic looking for someone to build a genuine connection and relationship with, within DILF Mansion,” he explains. As we’ve now seen, he has a suitor. Let’s see if he gets that happily ever after he’s looking for.

Meet the new Daddies! 

CHARLES (Arrived Episode 5)


Courtesy of OUTtv

IG: @CharlesMoriarty

When Charles arrived on the scene, his good looks and sexy accent immediately had the boys’ attention — maybe even one who was already booed up.

Not only is Charles a sexy DILF, but he also has an artistic side. When he’s not wooing Himbos in Miami, he’s a celebrity photographer in London. “I love life and mine has been full of adventure,” he tells PRIDE. “I’d really like to find someone to share that journey with, so here I am moving into DILF Mansion looking for a Himbo.”

The show might just be the unconventional answer he’s been looking for. “I’ve looked all over for a partner in crime but after 10 years I’ve not had much luck with something permanent. So here I am in the hands of Dr. DILF.”

LERYIA (Arrived in episode 4)


Courtesy of OUTtv

IG: @Leryia.Lee

Daddy Leryia rocked the house when he came in, catching a (previously) attached Himbo’s eye right away. It did not take long for sparks to start flying, and the feeling was mutual.

Outside of the house, he’s a study in contradictions. “I’m known for being a brand ambassador, ballroom sex siren, and visual operations manager by day, and a party connoisseur deviant by night,” he shares. “Not only does this Daddy have a rocking designer body, but I’m also a part of the House Of Garçon… so I always bring looks and energy.”

Leryia understands his worth and was confident going into the house that he would have no trouble mixing and mingling. The question was, would he find someone who could be a match? “With so much to offer, I entered the DILF Mansion looking for someone who can match his ambition and talent,” he explains. Looks and talent? We have the total Daddy package over here.

Meet the Himbos! 


IG: @nathanfergusonofficial

Nathan was born and raised in San Diego, and, as a trained dancer, competed against the Abby Lee Miller Dance Company — yes, that Abby Lee Miller. Nathan is a songwriter and music producer on track to attend school to further his studies later this year. His single “Easy”, co-written with Drew Turner, is scheduled to drop soon. “I’m a lover, not a fighter,” he says. “Also, make it gay.”

As for what he’s looking for in a daddy, compassion is his number one characteristic. “Someone patient enough to stick through my downfalls and my successes. I prefer older guys because they’re mature and they know what they want. In terms of values, I want someone who’s creative and spiritual. Who values kindness and communication,” Nathan tells PRIDE.

And when he finds him, he wants to treat him like a king. “I love to spoil my man. When I’m with someone, I’m all in. I want to be your ride or die and I have your back to hype you up no matter what,” he says. “ I expect to be treated the same way. I want a best friend and a partner, ya know?”

While he’s drawn to men with tattoos, what gets to Nathan is a guy with a great voice. “When a daddy leans in close and whispers something in my ear...especially when we’re at a bar or a party or something, it literally makes my knees go weak. I love dirty talk in the bedroom too! The more verbal the better. Woof!


IG: @phoenix_risingalways

Phoenix Lee is your quintessential Pisces, West Hollywood-based water-connoisseur, and over-caffeinated-but-sober-party-boi-Himbo. He’s a working actor and model. This in-demand it-boy sometimes transforms into drag diva Anita Diemund; an “It-Girl that nobody asked for.” We must watch to see if Phoenix Lee finds love or money, but if one thing is for sure, he’ll definitely find drama.

And what he’s looking for in a relationship is nothing short of iconic. “I’m looking for the Jay-Z to my Beyonce,” he tells PRIDE. ”I’m looking for a man who can support and uplift me while I do the same for them. I’m looking for a partner in all my affairs to celebrate success with and be there for each other when things get hard. Someone like-minded, driven, and of course, gorgeous.”

In relationships, respect is key for Phoenix. “I want to be treated with respect and seen for who I truly am. I’m a very loving and compassionate person who will dive in to help my partner with whatever project or passion they have in their life,” he shares. “I want them to know I’m up for any challenge and that we can both support each other in everything we do.”



TikTok: Mateoescobar.1

Mateo Escobar is 23 years old and from Mexico, and currently living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. As a tennis player, his highest ranking was number two in the nation in Mexico. After moving to the States, Mateo continued to play tennis at Ave Maria University where he graduated with a degree in Managerial economics and Strategic Analysis. Outside of his career, he is very passionate about music and living a healthy lifestyle.

To Mateo, respect and acceptance are everything. “Values and beliefs are very important to me. Emotional maturity, communication, trust, humility, and respect are essential for the person I am looking for. Looks to me are just a plus,” he tells PRIDE.

He confesses he’s looking for a man with a big... brain. “The sexiest feature in a man is their brain. An intelligent man will always look for a solution and does not let any obstacles get in the way of his goals and dreams. This type of man does not ever settle for anything and is always searching for ways to better himself,” Mateo says.


IG: @Tony.cannoli.

TikTok: @Tony.Cannoli.Channel.

YouTube: @FarFarAwayTheSeries

This Jersey Boy Prince Charming has lived in LA, NYC, and Singapore and has toured the country performing. He’s an actor, writer, and director as well as the reigning winner of Mr. Gay World USA. Living in New Jersey now, Tony spends his days working out, making people laugh, teaching, and of course posting the occasional thirst trap when the lighting is just right!

Tony reveals he’s looking for his fairytale ending, literally. “I’m looking for Prince in the streets and the Beast in the sheets — the American dream, am I right?” he tells PRIDE. “Honestly, I’m looking for someone to laugh and go on spontaneous adventures with. Someone who is not just my boyfriend but my friend.”

While he doesn’t expect his partner to look like they just stepped off an Avengers movie set, he wouldn’t mind if they could pass for an understudy. That being said, he really wants someone he can connect with on a deep (and Disney) level. “Looks fade, more than anything I want someone to laugh and be goofy with. To wait in a line at Disney World and have it fly by because we’re so deep in conversation or we’re critiquing the churros. That’s what happily ever after is to me…oh and a great credit score — kidding.”


IG: @tokesbadd

TikTok: @tokesbadd

YouTube: @tokeyo5610

Trendsetting hip-hop artist Tokeyo is an explosive performing creative. Between sold-out international shows to explicitly queer music videos, he’s made his name and talent known. Tokeyo served as host and emcee for LA’s preeminent queer party, Evita. His EP Cream has generated over 22,000 streams. Tokeyo is fearless, which is what led him to hunt for love on national TV.

Tokeyo knows exactly what he’s looking for, and he’s not afraid to say it. “I like a strong ass man 😂 with coins and a big dick,” he tells PRIDE. He certainly knows his worth. “I am the motha f*cking trophy, so I expect to be treated as such! I’m giving out this prime gold bussy. That’s more than enough giving on my end!”

As for what turns him off in a potential daddy, is someone who, well, doesn’t give him his way. “It’s a turn-off if I don’t get my way,” he says, and he explains why he deserves to be catered to by his partner. “Listen, I work out every day. My waistline is missing. No gag reflex and I’m funny. I am supposed to always get my way.”

Meet the Daddies! 


IG: @its_alex_tikas

Twitter: @Alex_tikas

Alex Tikas is a producer, creator, and director of gay adult content. Known in Fort Lauderdale among content creators simply as “DAD”, Alex helps them navigate and deliver the best content. “I prefer clicks, not cliques,” he tells PRIDE.

When this daddy loves, he loves hard. “When you have my heart you are the ruler of my heart. No one comes before you. I expect to be treated the way I treat you,” he shares.

Alex is drawn to men who know how to command a room. “It could be his laughter and the way he puts people at ease,” Alex explains. But emotional maturity is also a must, he adds. “Emotionally a man that can clearly communicate his feelings is really hot.”


FB: @randeltoney

IG: @Randeltoney


Tony is the current Reigning Mr. Fire Island Bear 2022. He was born and raised in Roosevelt Long Island, NY. but now he calls Newark, NJ home. By day Tony is a banker but he also has a few side gigs as an underwear model for PlayoutNYC apparel. He also promotes the Big Boys Club party in NYC that highlights body positivity. And he’s a content creator for Meta.

In other words: Tony is busy. To catch his eye, you need to be considerate and caring. “Someone who knows how to communicate and stands on his word,” Tony tells PRIDE. “Someone who likes to laugh and be silly at times. A good sense of humor goes a long way with me.”

He also wants someone deep; someone with “a spiritual connection with a higher power.” And, of course, if you want to keep his attention, you must be a “well-groomed” man and take pride in your appearance. “I’m all about body positivity and represent that all day every day,” Tony shares.


IG: @jeffrey_marc

TikTok: @JeffreyMarcOfficial

Twitter: @JeffreyMarc01

Jeffrey Marc is an actor, dancer, director, and choreographer in NYC. In 2022, Jeffrey worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and regionally. Growing up an athlete, he never really thought about defining his sexuality for himself until after he got to college. Though he admittedly is not the biggest fan of labels, he proudly identifies as Abrosexual.

At this point in his life, Jeffrey is tired of people who play around. “I’m looking for someone who is ready to be in love. I’m no longer looking to date and see where things go. I’m looking for intention. Someone who is ready to settle down, start a family, and have kids,” he tells PRIDE. “Now, I’m not in a rush, but that should be the shared ultimate goal. Family is the most important thing in my life — birth and chosen — so I’m hoping that is the case for them too,” he adds

As for who catches his attention? “There is nothing sexier to me than passion and ambition. But not blind ambition. I don’t want someone who is willing to do absolutely anything to get what they want, with no regard to how it affects the people around them. Sorry, but no thank you, Macbeth. That being said, I have pretty big dreams, lofty goals, and I plan on achieving every single one of them,” he reveals. “ I made it all the way to Broadway without an agent for goodness sake. I want someone who is just as motivated. But also leads with their heart. Love first.”

BOBBY @BobbyKnightxxx

IG: @bobby__knight

Bobby Knight is a multi-talented nightlife powerhouse and award-winning legend of the adult entertainment industry. You can catch him behind the bar, on the mic hosting your favorite events. Or, topping and bottoming in your favorite scenes! “Sex work is real work,” Bobby tells PRIDE.

But who gets his love after hours? Well, he’s looking for a man with a sexy smile. “More importantly, I love a man with confidence! Being confident is such a turn-on. Being with a man who is sure of himself and has that swagger is more sexy than any physical features,” he says. “Also, a nice butt doesn’t hurt.”


IG: @gordonosborne.official

Gordon Osborne is an avid traveler, fitness geek, successful businessman, and entrepreneur. Working in media production with some of the largest YouTube channels in the world, he’ll be launching his own channels later this year. He is also the founder and co-CEO of an underwear line set to hit the market this spring that emphasizes comfort, quality, and style.

As for who he’d like to share that life with, Gordon has a very clear idea. “I’d love to find someone who’s creative, driven, a dreamer, and confident but yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously and still likes to have fun. They love fitness and are always up for an adventure. Someone I can grow together with and not be afraid of being judged for my wild and ambitious ideas. We support each other in our endeavors, celebrate the wins, and learn from the losses,” he tells PRIDE. “Ideally they are taller than me and I’m a sucker for a strong jawline but these aren’t deal breakers,” he adds.

When he finds that person, Gordon hopes they are into actions over words. “If I’m being honest, I find it easier to show someone how much I love them rather than tell them. So I know I need to work on communication there.,” he admits. “But I’m a ride-or-die, one-man kind of guy so I’ll always be there for them. I expect this in return. As a little bonus, it’s always nice to spoil each other from time to time too.”

For The Love of DILFS premieres January 31 on OUTtv. Watch the trailer below.

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Rachel Shatto, Editor in Chief of, is an SF Bay Area-based writer, podcaster, and former editor of Curve magazine, where she honed her passion for writing about social justice and sex (and their frequent intersection). Her work has appeared on Elite Daily, Tecca, and Joystiq, and she podcasts regularly about horror on the Zombie Grrlz Horror Podcast Network. She can’t live without cats, vintage style, video games, drag queens, or the Oxford comma.