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10 Times Laverne Cox Broke Down Trans Stereotypes

10 Times Laverne Cox Broke Down LGBTQ Stereotypes

10 Times Laverne Cox Broke Down LGBTQ Stereotypes

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Laverne Cox has become an important voice in the contemporary LGBTQ rights movement. Not only is she a stellar actress, but she's also up on her feminist and queer theory. Here are some of the major lessons she's enlightened us all with on her rise to the top.

1. There is no universal trans experience.Laverne on Gender

2. It's important to not demonize trans people over whether they pass. The more important thing is for trans people to love themselves in their totality.Laverne on Passing Privilege

3. Transphobia and homophobia aren't necessarily worse in the Black community.Laverne on Trans Narratives

4. Trans people are more than their bodies and their transitions.Laverne on Transition

5. Hate for trans people often comes from insecurities about the gender binary.Laverne on Transphobia

6. Being transgender is not something to be ashamed of.Laverne on Being Out

7. Misgendering and misidentifying people is unacceptable under all circumstances.Laverne on Misgendering

8. Transition isn't a cut-and-dry journey. It's more of an evolution.Laverne on Her Journey

9.  Trans women deserve love like everyone else.Laverne on Stigma

10. The fight for equality is intersectional.Laverne on Intersectionality

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