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10 Signs She Plays for Your Team When Your Gaydar Is Broken

10 Signs She Plays for Your Team When Your Gaydar Is Broken

When straight women figured out that queer women’s haircuts were the cutest and flannel shirts were comfy, things got a whole lot more complicated. If you’re trying to find out if that cute woman you’re into plays for your team, but you have a defective gaydar and don’t want ask her (that would make too much sense), here are 10 signs you have a shot:

1. She’s seen Carol more than once.

carol film

If your crush has seen Carol, that just means she has excellent taste in film. But twice, and the odds are in your favor. Three times, and you should leave your gloves behind next time you see her.

2. She invited you to check out her softball league.

a league of their own

No, not every lesbian plays softball, and not every woman who plays softball is a lesbian. But I can no longer count the number of softball teams I’ve been invited to join on two hands, so that stereotype exists for a reason.

3. She has a cute rainbow tattoo that doesn’t seem exceptionally well planned out.

how to tell she's a lesbian

Probably because she got it on Pride weekend after thinking about it for all of ten minutes. But it also means you’re totally in.

4. She goes to a lot of gay lady concerts.

tegan and sara

Oh, she’s going to Tegan and Sara this weekend, and Sleater-Kinney next month? Well you should ask her out to a show sometime, because clearly she is not straight.

5. You’ve never heard her say anything vaguely homophobic, or ridiculously clueless.

mean girls

Even the sweetest, most well meaning straight people say some weird stuff sometimes. If she hasn’t, that’s definitely a check in the "queer" column.

6. You found at least one Facebook photo from her college years where she’s sporting one of these.

how to tell if shes a lesbian

Labrys jewelry = lesbian. No exceptions.

7. She goes to a lot of queer events.

the l word

If she spends her weekends at queer poetry events, and LGBT dance nights, there is a 99 percent chance she plays for your team. Why that remaining straight women 1 percent is always hanging out at queer poetry events will forever be a mystery.

8. She feels very strongly about certain TV characters.

callie arizona

If she can have a passionate debate about Team Alex vs. Team Stella, and will never let go of the best Grey’s Anatomy couple of all time, Calzona, then she is probably not straight.

9. She has friends who are clearly not straight.

queer gif

Sometimes you walk into a party that a new acquaintance invites you to and you think, "Oh my God…this is a really straight party." If you don’t get that vibe from all of her friends, there’s a much better chance she plays for your team.

10. She never uses the term “girlfriend” to describe platonic friends.

dana the l word

If she calls women who are clearly just her friends "girlfriends," she is straight. Sorry. The chances just got very slim.

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