The 16 Best Cat Reactions to the SCOTUS Marriage Equality Decision

Dustin Diehl

It's finally happened. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in favor of marriage equality. And while (most) of the country celebrates, in true Internet fashion, our furry feline friends have the best reactions:

1. The "About. Effing. Time." kitty:

2. The "I'm trying to keep up with all the 'YAAAS marriage equality FTW!' posts" kitty:

3. The "Haters better check yoselves" kitty:

4. The "OMG, so excite!" kitty:

5. The "Ugh, that's great, but I'm still single" kitty:

6. The "Let's get drunk to celebrate!" kitty:

7. The "Ah, crap, how am I going to afford to go to all these gay weddings?" kitty:

8. The "This calls for a party" kitty:

9. The "I just gotta dance!" kitty:

10. The "This was an historical moment and a really precedent-setting decision by these illustrious Justices" kitty:

11. The "I'm so happy I feel like I'm flying!" kitty:

12. The "I can't even" kitty:

13. The "Where's my phone?! I need to call my friends!" kitty:

14. The "I have to tweet about this!" kitty:

15. The "I guess I know who to unfriend on Facebook now *deletedeletedelete*" kitty:

16. The "I'm so happy love won" kitty:

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