The Beguiled Women Top Our List of 'Good Girls Go Bad' Movie Moments

Taylor Henderson

Everyone loves a good girl gone bad. Just ask Rihanna. Leading up to the June 23 release of The Beguiled (see our exclusive preview below) here’s a roundup of our favorite good girls who don't always know how to play nice.

Mean Girls

This high school is more of a jungle than a playground and anything goes among the school's elite to stay at the top of the food chain. An instant classic and completely quotable, who can forget Lindsay Lohan's slow descent into being a total bitch?  Mean Girls is a fetch example of what exactly makes a good girl go bad. Spoiler Alert: its carbs.


Revenge is a dish best served... bloody? Carrie tells a more heartbreaking story of a good girl gone bad, who after a horrible prank during her senior prom murders the entire class of 1976. RIP, but like don't be mean to people. You never know who might have psychic abilities and a sad backstory.

The Beguiled

In the middle of the Civil War, an injured enemy soldier stumbles into a Southern girls’ boarding school and gets... more than he bargained for. The sheltered young women take care of the soldier, but his presence ignites sexual tension and dangerous rivalries, and the house slowly falls into chaos as they fight over him. Hell hath no fury like a woman multiple women scorned.

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