This Writer Had the Best Response to People Trolling His Son's Love for Captain Marvel

Raffy Ermac

Captain Marvel, the latest release from Marvel Studios, has been shattering all kinds of records and glass ceilings this past weekend, and one of the best things about the film is that it is offering very much-needed women's representation in the male-dominated superhero genre. But just because a superhero is a woman (in this case, Carol Danvers, played by the amazing Brie Larson) doesn't mean only young girls can look up to her. Heroism is genderless, and there are plenty of boys out there who admire all the good things a character like Carol Danvers represents.

Such was the case with comic book writer Tom Taylor, who shared an adorable picture of his youngest son literally looking up at a powerful poster of Captain Marvel.

Unfortunately, because we live in a world where we can't have nice things, some online critics used Taylor's adorable picture of his son to launch an attack on Captain Marvel, pitting it against other popular hero titles like DC's upcoming Shazam.

Luckily, Taylor had an amazing response. 

"As a writer for @DCComics AND @Marvel, I genuinely love the heroes at both companies. And I want nothing but success for all their films and comics. #ManyUniversesOneFamily," Taylor wrote. "A friendly rivalry can be fun, but I will never understand those who feel they have to put down one hero to boost another. That’s not how this works. If you love these heroes, and you’ve learned from them, then you know this."

He continued: 

"What you’re into isn’t threatened by what others are into. The world is a big place. There’s room for everything to be enjoyed. And not everything is made for you or me, specifically. Champion what you love, but not at the expense of others. Everyone needs someone to look up to, and everyone deserves to see themselves reflected in their heroes."

Everyone (especially the trolls), please take note: be more like Tom.

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