Troye Sivan's New Single 'Bloom' Is an Anthem for Power Bottoms Everywhere

Taylor Henderson

In a recent interview with Dazed Magazine, openly gay pop star Troye Sivan shared details about his new song "Bloom," and you might want to give your enemas a wash. 

Due on his soon-to-be-released sophomore album, the "My My My!" singer has previously described the track as "subversively queer" and compared it to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream." We now know it just might be the bottom anthem the gays have always dreamed of. 

The lyrics we know so far: 

"It’s true, babe… I’ve been saving this for you… Promise me you’ll hold my hand if I get scared now… Might tell you to take a second baby slow it down… You should know I bloom, I bloom just for you."

"He takes the role of what sounds like the receptive partner losing his virginity," writes Dazed, who asked Sivan directly if the song was a gay anthem for bottoms. "'It’s 100 percent about flowers! That’s all it is,' he says with a wink. 'Call it whatever you wanna call it. I wanna play that song at every Pride.'" 

Sivan announced the release date in a 22-second music video preview earlier today. 



"It's about flowers," coys Sivan. 

'Bloom' is out May 2nd at 9pm.

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