Neil Patrick Harris' Family Just Won Halloween—Again

Taylor Henderson

The Burtka-Harris' have outdone themselves yet again!

Neil Patrick Harris and his family always come up with killer Halloween costumes, but this year's photo is absolutely ghoulish.

The family went with a carnival theme this year: Harris as the ringmaster, Burtka as a terrifying clown/puppeteer(?), and their 7-year-old twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace as the 'World's Strongest Man' and a bearded woman, respectively. 

"Hurry, hurry! Step right up and behold the Burtka-Harris Halloween Carnival of Curiosities!" Harris wrote on Instagram. 

Burtka even posted a behind the scenes photo that is equally, if not more, terrifying. 


Source: Instagram

I want in on these costumes! Can they just adopt me already?

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