14 Women Heroes Of Biscuit Mag's 1st Annual 'Purple List,' Recognizing Bisexual Achievement

14 Women Heroes Of Biscuit Mag's 1st Annual 'Purple List,' Recognizing Bisexual Achievement

Ever noticed how so much celebration of LGBT achievements seems to talk about gays and lesbians, erasing and mislabelling bisexuals in the process - or simply failing to remark on why their contribution as a bisexual specifically is so important? Bisexual Brenda Howard, the "mother of Pride", has even been referred to as straight in endless articles and documentaries! The lazy shorthand of "lesbian, gay and straight" persists even in this LGBTQIA+ era, where we are spoilt for labels and constantly exploring ourselves and seeing new ones evolve. It's incredibly alienating and sad for those of us who are not lesbian, gay or straight.

Frustrated at the lack of openly bi presence on traditional LGBT honors lists such as the UK's "Pink List" (renamed the "Rainbow List" last year but still failing to really recognize all the colors), UK-based bi women's site Biscuit decided to offer an alternative: the annual Purple List. From actors and academics to community activists and journalists, the list seeks to recognize bisexuals who've contributed to fighting biphobia and increasing bi visibility. It's the first list of its kind and although understandably a little UK-centric, nevertheless features a few real stalwarts of the US bi scene. Could YOU be on next year's?

Here's a rundown of the female finalists and why they were chosen for a Biscuit "bi-five". The full Purple List can be found here.


Lynette McFazden – Podcaster

For – The BiCast

Lynette describes herself as a ‘latent bisexual’ who came out later in life after many years of self-denial. She’s a self-taught podcaster who started the BiCast, an intersectional broadcast focused on supporting the global bisexual community and reaching the most isolated of us, 18 months ago and has produced and co-hosted the show ever since. The BiCast is now a mixed-media cross-platform organisation producing content for and by bisexual people.

Lynnette has recently been elected to the board of governors for BiNet USA.


Anna Paquin – Actor

For – Schooling Larry King

The star of HBO's True Blood publicly came out as bisexual in 2010, when her video for the Give a Damn campaign appeared in YouTube for the first time. She has used her platform to educate people on bisexuality, famously schooling Larry King following ignorant remarks made as part of a 2014 interview.



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