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5 of Kingdom's Most Jaw-Dropping Moments 

5 of Kingdom's Most Jaw-Dropping Moments

5 of Kingdom's Most Jaw-Dropping Moments

So many feels. 

Kingdom returns to AT&T Audience Network on June 1. To prepare ourselves for the onslaught of OMG moments, we're counting down some of the top moments Kingdom left us stunned. 

1. Nick Jonas Bares All

In Season 1, Nick surprised all of us in by performing in a full on sex scene. Let's just say he has a stroke better than Michael Phelps.

2. Christina's Overdose (*tears*)

In the Season's 2 mid-season finale, we see one the show's most endearing characters overdose. Christina continually struggled with her drug addiction, and we can't say her overdose was that much of a surprise, but we're holding out hope that she can still get clean. 
Christina from Kingdom

3. Jay's Drug Trip

In a desperate attempt to help his mom stop using heroin, Jay shoots up right in front of her, shocking Christina and the audience with the highly-emotional scene we won't soon forget. 

4. Nate Hits the Gay Bar 

When Nate stepped into a gay bar viewers gasped, as it was the first time Nate's homosexuality was being displayed. Nate has continually run away from his same-sex attraction, but hopefully that changes in Kingdom's new episodes. 

5. Lisa's Preggers! 

Lisa's pregnancy has been a long, winding road. The most powerful moment in Season 2 so far came during her visit to the doctor, when he told her to visit a specialist after seeing chromosomal defects. 

You can watch new episodes Kingdom on AT&T's AUDIENCE Network starting June 1 at 9pm on DIRECTV ch. 238 and U-verse ch. 1114.  Now enjoy a Season 2 trailer below:

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