Shot of the Day: French 'Elle' Cover Demands 'Marriage for All!'

Shot of the Day: French 'Elle' Cover Demands 'Marriage for All!'
Sunnivie Brydum

The cover of the latest issue of Elle magazine in France features two gorgeous, femme ladies embracing in a classic lesbian-signifiying pose: touching foreheads. But what's even better than the pretty, if not provocative image, is the bold declaration on the cover: "Marriage for all!" 

The corresponding editorial, written by Valerie Toranian, makes a straightforward but impassioned plea for for marriage equality in France, where religious-based opponents have come out in force in recent weeks to protest President François Hollande's campaign promise to pass marriage equality. 

The debate over same-sex marriage in France, write Toranian, has reminded us "That the family is not a traditional value, but a modern passion," according to a Google translation of the article. 

Check out the image below, and read the article in its original French here


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