Winona Ryder's Response to Her School Bully Asking for an Autograph Is EPIC

Winona Ryder's High School Bully Asks for Her Autograph Years Later and Her Response Is F*cking Epic
Zachary Zane

I’m just gonna go out on a limb here and assume you’re binge-watching the second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things (otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this article). Well, be prepared to be shook, because our favorite Stranger Things mother is officially "that bitch."

Like many of us, Winona Ryder was apparently bullied when she was in school. There was one time though, that was particularly rough. Her bullies thought Winona was a gay boy because of the way she was dressed. Being the homophobic jerks and all-around terrible people they are, they beat her up so badly that she needed to get stitches.

How do we know this? Because a fan recounted the cruel story and tweeted a photo of the young boyish Winona Ryder next to it.

But the story doesn't end there. Years later, after Winona was big and famous, she was at a coffee shop when someone familiar asked her for her autograph. Her response? Too epic for us to spoil!


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