Stephanie Beatriz's Coming Out Inspired Brooklyn Nine-Nine Writers to Make Her Character Bi

Stephanie Beatriz
Zachary Zane

Last night on FOX's popular Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom, badass detective Rosa Diaz came out as bisexual and revealed that she’s dating a woman!

This is a momentous occasion for bisexual visibility, especially since Diaz evn actually said the word "bisexual," which so many TV shows shy away from.

It's also important to note that her character doesn’t fall into the “evil bisexual” trope, which is something we (unfortunately) see a lot of in media.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, it's when bi characters are depicted as evil and unethical villains. The reasoning behind this is since bisexual people’s sexual preferences are flexible, so too are their morals. Since their sexuality is supposedly “greedy,” they must be “greedy” in other aspects of our lives as well—or so the faulty logic goes.

But Diaz isn’t evil one bit. While she’s tough as nails, she has a heart of gold.

Stephanie Beatriz, the actress that plays Detective Diaz, came as bisexual in July of 2016, before she became engaged to actor Brad Hoss in October. Nine-Nine executive producer Dan Goor told Variety that Beatriz’s own choice to come out as bisexual did influence the plotline in the show.

“That idea was definitely generated by the real life fact that [Beatriz] came out recently as bisexual,” he said. “It felt like an interesting journey for the character to take as well, and a story we were really excited to tackle.”

Goor also said that viewers will learn more about Diaz’s (love) life in upcoming episodes, and she’s more likely to date different people rather than have one significant other.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesdays on FOX at 9:30pm.

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