She-Ra Is Making an Epic Comeback to Netflix

Terra Necessary

It’s almost 2018, and Netflix is bringing on the girl power! The platform is beefing up its original content (a good move in a world where Disney now owns pretty much everything), and in the coming year, they are bringing She-Ra back to our screens!

If you aren’t a child of the '80s, you may not know She-Ra, but you soon will.

She-Ra is the once enemy and actual long-lost twin sister of He-Man, Guardian of the Universe and '80s toy phenomenon. Though She-Ra: Princess of Power only ran two seasons, it’s mix of barbarian action and ridiculous glam fashion made sure almost every girl had at least one of these action figures, ready to belt her theme and go off to fight the Evil Horde, Sword of Protection held aloft.

Even more exciting, the reboot is being made by Noelle Stevenson, best known for her work with Boom Studios on Lumberjanes and Nimona. Stevenson, a queer creator who started out as a fanartist and has become one of the most in-demand talents around, has a knack of walking the thin line between lighthearted and subversive, a skill that promises interesting things for the series. Though she started in comics, Stevenson is no stranger to shows, working on titles like Bravest Warrior and the new Duck Tales reboot.

She-Ra, already a strong female role model (and queer icon for many) has a lot of interesting places to go with the freedom of a Netflix show in our current environment. The series, while mainly a storyline crafted to sell more toys, had a huge impact as one of the first female warriors to star in her own  show and as a show that thrived on strong female relationships. While He-Man spends his days as the carefree Prince Adam, She-Ra had a much more tumultuous life, kidnapped by the evil Hordak and unaware she is actually Princess Adora of Eternia for most of her life.

While DC is currently exploring the grimdark version of this background in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Stevenson’s attachment to this project gives some keys to the tone. Her work, both radical and easy to digest, focuses most often on bonds, sexuality, and above all, strong female characters. The work doesn’t get too heavy-handed, exsisting in that magical spot where adorable characters sneak deep themes right under your nose. She is a perfect match, and promises this adaption will be going some interesting places.

She-Ra was announced with a slew of other cartoon content being developed for 2018, including Troll Hunters season 3 and Captain Underpants. The premiere date is still to be decided!

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