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Sara Ramirez's Madam Secretary Character Came Out as Bi

Sara Ramirez's 'Madam Secretary' Character Came Out as Bi

Sara Ramirez's 'Madam Secretary' Character Came Out as Bi

“Living my truth became non-negotiable.”


Kat Sandoval, actress Sara Ramirez’s character on Madam Secretary, opened up in yesterday's episode about co-parenting her child and her sexuality, proudly claiming the bisexual label.

"I’m bisexual," Kat tells Jay Whitman (played by Sebastian Arcelus). "You can also say pansexual or fluid or nonmonosexual, but yeah, I’m queer."

She then had an honest conversation about what it means to be queer, why she previously presented more traditionally femme, and how raising a child encouraged her to live life authentically.

This isn’t the first time Sara has played a bisexual character on TV. She's best known for her role as Callie Torres on Grey’s Anatomy, who identified as bisexual. Sara, who identifies as bisexual and queer herself, came out last year while speaking at the "True Colors: 40 to None Summit" in Los Angeles.

Since then, she has been a powerful voice for positive change in the LGBTQ community. Earlier this month, in conjunction with the release of Love, Simon, Sara partook in a video series of "Coming Out Stories" for People.

In just four short minutes, she explains when she knew she was bisexual, why she decided to keep her identity a secret, and why she finally decided to come out publicly when she did.  

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