Twinks, Halsey, and Homophobia! Oh My!

Taylor Henderson

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Join editor-in-chief Raffy Ermac and culture writer Taylor Henderson as we play "Truth or Bossip" and bond over the twinks of the world.

We discuss Offset and Cardi B's homophobia and unpack Bruno Mars' "Finesse" music video and appropriation

And we give a moment to Halsey and the powerful women of the world who marched all over the country.

2 days ago I recited a poem I wrote called “A Story Like Mine” at the Women’s March in NYC. I was asked to give a speech and I panicked for days. I wasn’t sure where to start. The night before the march I penned this poem at 2 in the morning and the words spilled out of me like white water rushing down a river bend. I didn’t realize how emotional it would be for me to speak my truth but it was. And I’m so happy I did it. The support I’ve received since is overwhelming and it’s humbling and as a POET (which I always have been, songs or not) it was unbelievable to see people actually get the message. And terrifying and comforting and confusing to see how many had stories to share that reinforced the sentiment and the title. We have a long way to go. But I’m thankful we are united over this. I’ve included a link to the poem in my bio. Thank you.

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