To The Girl I'm Having Sex Dreams About

Taylor Henderson

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Happy Valentines Day! On this week's episode, editor-in-chief Raffy Ermac and culture writer Taylor Henderson chat with writer, poet, TED Talk speaker, and all around bisexual badass, Ariel Sobel


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The topic this week? Love, duh! We wonder if love is still alive in the age of social media, the inherent radicalization of queer romance, and Ariel recites her poem, "To The Girl I'm Having Sex Dreams About."

After four consecutive nights
of seeing your naked body leaning across my unshaven subconscious
I found a poem grinning between my gums
A poem that is officially too embarrassing to write
The kind of embarrassing that erupts
When you really fucking want someone
When fucking isn’t a dirty enough word for the collision
The burst of our lavender breath
They started as fantasies
We’re in the mall buying lingerie
I ask you if this means we’re together
You do that yes of a laugh
And suddenly I am under you
Suddenly there’s an amber alert for my clothes
Suddenly I’m quaking in your arms
Constellations drying on my neck
You turn my mattress into a notebook
Stain my memories with tar-bled ink
I’ve told 3 friends
Thought: make this a joke

(Hear the full poem in the podcast!)

And we play a new game called "Stan Wars." Who knew debating over innocuous topics could get so... heated.

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