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All About Ellen: The Ellen Page Movie Guide You Need Right Now

All About Ellen: The Ellen Page Movie Guide You Need Right Now

All About Ellen: The Ellen Page Movie Guide You Need Right Now

Ellen came out at an LGBT youth conference Friday and we realized there's never been a better time to hunker down with Netflix for an Ellen Page Movie-athon!


If you somehow missed the news that Ellen Page came out as gay Friday night, then you must have just woken up, because it’s been the top trending story on Facebook, Twitter, and even a feature on CNN’s homepage. Perhaps it’s a little overwhelming that one young woman’s sexuality has become the nation’s top news, but at least this means the beautiful, inspiring speech she gave at an LGBTQ youth conference in Las Vegas has reached the widest audience possible and hopefully inspired them as well. Now, on this weekend where we clearly just can’t get enough of Ellen Page, you may feel inspired to watch all of her movies. Especially if you’re someone who’s seen these headlines and thought, ‘Huh, Juno’s a lesbian,” clear your schedule and your movie queue, and fill it with this eclectic array of Ellen awesomeness. And don’t forget to look out (and be majorly excited) for the true story-based Freeheld, where Ellen will play Stacee Andre, a woman fighting for pension benefits alongside her domestic partner, New Jersey Police Detective Laurel Hester (Julianne Moore), after the latter is diagnosed with a terminal illness. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to, but until then, here’s plenty to tide you over!

1.  Juno (2007)  - Yes, yes, I know, it’s the obvious #1. But no matter how almost exhaustingly mainstream Juno has become, and it’s still always a lovely, heartwarming little film with a touching, hysterical, and impressively natural performance by Ellen that more than deserved the Oscar nomination it received.

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2. Hard Candy (2005) - Ellen surfaced on the scene in this indie about Hayley Stark, a teenager who singlehandedly takes down a presumed pedophile. It’s a chilling, focused performance that stole the spotlight and cemented her place as a rising star to look out for. It’s hard to believe that the charming star of such comic fodder as Juno and Whip It can threaten castration so realistically, but try not to leave at least a little affected (and totally scared) after sitting through this one.

3.  Whip It (2009) - Just the pitch ‘Ellen Page in a movie about roller derby’ should be enough to get you to pick Whip It for movie night (and perhaps watch several dozen more times...). With a cast that also includes Ellen’s bestie Alia Shawkat, Kristen Wiig, stunt goddess Zoe Bell, Drew Barrymore, and Juliette Lewis, this adorable, unique comedy continued to prove that Ellen Page is a strong, lovable lead who is also more than capable of headlining amongst some of Hollywood’s finest.


4.  Super (2010)- Super may have gotten a little lost in the dust of Kick Ass when both films were released in 2010, but now on Netflix, there’s no excuse for an Ellen fan to miss this indie about an every day man (Rainn Wilson) who decides to become a superhero.  Ellen gives a darkly spastic performance as his wannabe sidekick, “Boltie,” and while this may not be her most popular film, it’s certainly a performance worth catching, especially if you just couldn’t get enough of her superhero side in...

5.  X-Men: The Last Standand the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past (2006/2014): Ellen was a new addition to the third X-Men film, and one of the best, most badass parts. Her character Kitty Pryde had actually been played by two different actresses in both preceding films (and did nothing of any note), but once Ellen took the reigns it was clear there would be no need to recast the roll again. The only complaint: not enough Shadowcat. Stand alone film anyone?


6.  The Tracey Fragments (2007)- This very low budget, challengingly strange Canadian drama may not be for everyone, but it’s undeniably captivating. Ellen stars as a disturbed teenager who, wearing only a shower curtain, runs off to find her lost little brother who thinks he’s a dog. The film is also told out-of-order, and often the screen itself is fragmented into several different frames at one time. It’s definitely a different kind of viewing experience, but even if this style of filmmaking isn’t for you, this side of Ellen’s work is not to be missed. For some more Early Indie Ellen, also check out Mouth to Mouth (2005), where she stars as another angsty runaway whose life is changed after she joins a cult.

7.  Inception (2010) - In case the indie-ness ofThe Tracey Fragments is a little overwhelming, you can always turn to mega-blockbuster Inception (equally as confusing, but told in order and with a bigger budget!). Ellen plays Ariadne, a student that Cobb (Leo DiCaprio) takes under his wing of dreamscapes and makes their official architect. She’s mature, intelligent, and a lot more stable than just about anyone else in this film.


8.  An American Crime (2007) - I strongly stress I would only recommend this film to the Ellen Page fan who has an obsessive need to see all her work and can simultaneously stomach some rough, rough content. An American Crime is based on a true story of murdered teenager Sylvia Likens (I don’t count horrifying real life stories as spoilers), and Ellen’s portrayal of this innocent teen who gets brutally tortured by the family that “takes her in” is so crushing it will leave you sick for days. It’s some strong, affecting work, but the movie itself is painful to watch and deeply disturbing.




9.The East (2013) - In Ellen’s most recent theatrical release, she co-stars as a Izzy, a member of an underground anarchist group that executes attacks on high power organizations they believe are corrupt. Izzy is an intense, cynical ball of simmering rage and sadness who exudes not necessarily craziness, but passion for right in the world. The movie as whole is a decent little thriller, but (and maybe I’m biased...) it’s Ellen’s presence that takes it to the next level.


10. Ellen’s Early Array of Canadian Children’s Movies (1997-2004):Ghost Cat is on Netflix, people. What’s your excuse for letting that one slip by you? Though Ellen became a presence in America when she was a teenager, she’d done a ton of films and TV work already in Canada that leads to an impressive lineup if you’re really in need of delving as deeply as possible into her filmography. Come on, do you really want to be the person who can’t talk about I Downloaded a Ghost at the water cooler? Also, who dropped the ball on the obvious double-crossover sequel I Downloaded a Ghost Cat? Someone call Ellen Page, it’s clearly time to add a few more upcoming projects to her schedule.

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