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9 #WokeGuysMakeMeWet Tweets That Have Us Weak in the Knees

9 #WokeGuysMakeMeWet Tweets That Have Us Weak in the Knees

9 #WokeGuysMakeMeWet Tweets That Have Us Weak in the Knees

When Flannery O’Connor titled her short story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find,” clearly she had this hashtag in mind. To be woke is to know what's really going on in the world and have an adequate analysis of the axes of oppression. #WokeGuysMakeMeWet speaks to the SJW in all of us and really lays out the standards we all should be looking for in our revolutionary baes. In 2015, if your politics aren’t on point, you better hit the door.

Here are some of our favorite tweets from the best hashtag we’ve all witnessed in a while!

1. He's not afraid to be out there on the frontlines!

2. Because SJW couples are the best.

3. He better know systematic racism still exists!

4. He knows that culture is not something to be coopted! You better drag Iggy, bae!

5. Cis is not a slur, baby!

6. White supremacy is not joke, boo.

7. He always on point. I don’t even have to be present!

8. Critiquing mainstream feminism is never easy, but he gets it!

Don’t fret if you haven’t found your revolutionary bae yet. You’re not the only one waiting in the wings. I swear they’re out there!

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