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'Downton Abbey' Spoofed by Saunders, Lumley and Cattrall in 'Upstairs Downstairs Abbey' Video

'Downton Abbey' Spoofed by Saunders, Lumley and Cattrall in 'Upstairs Downstairs Abbey'  Video
Tracy E. Gilchrist

It’s a big night for the British import and phenomenon Downton Abbey with it up for several Golden Globes and with the American premiere of the show’s second season just last week.

The Masterpiece Classics’ show about the haves and the haves-nots living in the early part of the 20th century has oft been compared to Upstairs, Downstairs and Gosford Park with its depiction of the lives of earls and ladies as well as maids, valets and footmen. But Downton Abbey goes a step further with its appeal in a sort of Remains of the Day meets Revenge sort of soapy, period piece drama.

Even the most beloved of television dramas can’t escape spoofing by British comedians, and who better to skewer than Absolutely Fabulous’ Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley and Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall?

With that all said, in honor of Downton Abbey's Golden Globes debut we thought we’d post Upstairs Downstairs Abbey, a loving spoof that aired last March for the BBC’s Red Nose Day, the British equivalent of Comic Relief.

Watch Cattrall do a spot-on impression of Elizabeth McGovern’s American living in Britain Lady Grantham while Saunders takes on Maggie Smith’s killer one-liner spewing Dowager Countess and Joanna Lumley steps in as the head housekeeper Mrs. Hughes. 

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