'Pretty Little Liars' Stolen Kisses Sneak Peek - Watch

'Pretty Little Liars' Stolen Kisses Sneak Peek - Watch

The next new episode of our favorite guilty TV pleasure, Pretty Little Liars, airs on July 31 on ABC Family, and seems like it will be packed full of all the drama we have come to expect from the fiercest foursome in Rosewood.


In “Stolen Kisses,” adorable teen lesbian Emily (Shay Mitchell) and smarty-pants Spencer (Trojan Bellisario) search for answers regarding the recent drinking incident that resulted in Emily not remembering an entire night because “someone” slipped drugs in her booze. While she continues to deal with the loss of her last girlfriend Maya (Bianca Lawson), and trying to trigger more memories of her mysterious night, she is also dealing with the repercussions of giving what was left of the drugged booze in her flask to semi-former-fling Paige (Lindsey Shaw) – prior to discovering it was dosed, of course.

So while Emily starts breaking things down for Paige, and trying to make amends, she gets more flashes of what happened the night she was drugged.

Meanwhile, Spencer tries to help out Emily by asking Caleb to crack the code to a website that could have answers for all the Little Liars.

Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Aria (Lucy Hale) face some major situations of their own. Hanna makes a plea on behalf of suspected ‘A’ –ccomplice Mona, who is currently residing in Rosewood’s psychiatric hospital. Aria meets her boyfriend/former teacher’s mother, but this big relationship step only makes her realize she doesn’t know too much about her other half. 

Check out the sneak peek of "Stolen Kisses" below:

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