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Comic Jackie Monahan on Lesbian Hookers and Space Aliens - Interview

Comic Jackie Monahan on Lesbian Hookers and Space Aliens - Interview

Onscreen she’s Zylar, the hilariously slutty extraterrestrial in Madeline Olnek’s hilarious Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (which is showing in L.A. Aug. 17-23). Off-screen she’s just been named Esquire magazine’s funniest new comic. We caught up with the super sexy funny girl to find out what makes lesbian comic and actress Jackie Monahan tick.

Esquire just named you one of the funniest new comics. What’s that honor mean to you?

It is exciting because I was nominated by a comic and the votes were all made by comics. Those are the best accolades coming from people you respect and admire. It also means I am now über famous. I am going to be known from now on as J Mo.

Would you rather be on the list of funniest comics or People’s most beautiful people? Because clearly both are options for you.

Definitely funniest. When I was voted funniest in high school and it was the happiest day of my life up until that point. I couldn't believe it. I have always thought being funny is the sexiest thing a person can be. I would of course still be beside myself if I was to be voted one of People's most beautiful people. I am very flattered and kind of in love with you now for suggesting it. Do you have any pull at People by chance?

Tig Notaro just did a now famous set about being diagnosed with breast cancer. How can you compete with that kind of thing?

Of all people I can compete because I have been living with cancer my whole life because it is my [astrological] sign. It is the worst sign, all sensitive and people pleasing. Luckily I am on the cusp of a Leo. Tig is handling the diagnosis like a champion. Tig is one of the funniest people I know. So no I can't compete with her cancer. She can't compete with my mother whom is like a cancer. Tig is an inspiration and I know she will come out on top.

Now that you’re so popular do you get tons of tail? Groupies?

I was scared of that so I moved to a doorman building but no one has shown up yet.

Do you have a girlfriend? Do you want babies, kittens, or just constant accolades?

These are all personal questions. I will say constant accolades are my drug of choice.

How has your improv work with Upright Citizens Brigade helped your comedy?

I learned I do not want to rely on any suggestions from the audience. I love all things UCB.

If lesbian space aliens did land in L.A. would anyone know? What about Omaha or Boise?

I think the space aliens could go unnoticed in L.A. unless their spaceship got caught in traffic. Nor in Omaha or Boise because they are not anally probing anyone. At least not in public.

What’s next for you?

I am working on another project with Madeleine Olnek. It is going to be the funniest movie any one has ever seen since Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. In the new film I am a lesbian hooker, which is not that far of a stretch — neither was the sex-crazed alien Zylar. September 1-8 I will be in Cozumel Mexico with Sweet, a lesbian travel company with a twist. I am performing Aug. 24-26 in Las Vegas at The Riviera featuring for Amy Schumer.

Visit Jackie’s website, and get more info on Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same here

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