Ellen's Halloween Costumes Aren't Just for Kids

Ellen's Halloween Costumes Aren't Just for Kids
Sunnivie Brydum

For those of you still scrambling for a halloween costume, our favorite funny lady has a few ideas. Ellen DeGeneres revived her popular "halloween costumes for kids" segment on Tuesday's episode of The Ellen Show. While DeGeneres presented these costumes for kids, we think just about any of these costumes could be modified for a grown-up party. And they're culturally relevant enough to make you the hit of any party you're attending. 

Certainly, the "Call Me Maybe" costume is ageless, but even Ellen's "Mars Rover" costume could be adapted into party-appropriate attire. We're thinking a standard dog costume with martian antennae would get the point across — and it's up to you just how sexy you want your bitch to be.

And judging by the look on some of the kids' faces, these costumes are a little weighty for young'uns, anyway. Bonus points to anyone who fashions an adult-sized Shades of Grey costume… Or you could take the low-maintenance route and just deck yourself out in various shades of grey. 

Check out Ellen's fabulous costume ideas in the video below, and check out the show's page for even more topical costumes. 

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