Actress and Comic Mary Lynn Rajskub Speaks Openly About Being Bisexual

Actress and Comic Mary Lynn Rajskub Speaks Openly About Being Bisexual

Probably best known for playing Chloe O’Brien on the Fox hit 24, Mary Lyn Rajskub has been acting consistently since the mid-1990s. The 41-year-old mom is now speaking openly about meeting her first real girlfriend shortly before her career began to take off. 


The actress and comic opened up about her history withwomen and her relationship with on-again, off-again girlfriend Heather recently on her podcast, Kickin’ it Mary Lynn Style.  “Recently I went through all my stuff in the entire house and went through everything damaged or unuseful or I don't love,” she says.”  That's how I ended up looking through this box of photos and then, Oh! It’s the hot waitress from El Torito Grill.  I dated her.  Yeah, that happened.  I mean I liked my life in the '90s but I didn't feel like going back there."


While doing press for the 2009 film Sunshine Cleaning, in which her character played lesbian opposite Emily Blunt’s, Rajskub told the Advocate that she’d had “experiences” with women. She chatted with AfterEllen about why she’s speaking more openly about her bisexuality these days.

"I'm more settled now in my life, which makes me feel — maybe because I'm more secure, I'm more comfortable talking about it," Rajskub told AfterEllen.

Rajskub who’s married to Matthew Rolph, with whom she has a son, also chatted with AE about fluidity and labels. "It's weird because I do believe in grey areas, but for some reason, just you saying it's more fluid, makes me be like 'No, it's not!' because I want to label everything. But the truth of it is, for me and my personality, it is more fluid.”

A funny woman to a fault Rajskub continues to stump for equality. She ended her podcast by saying, “I still think Megan Fox is hot, so gay marriage, equality, let's do this."  

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