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SheWired's Top 10 Women of the L Word Wrap-up

SheWired's Top 10 Women of the L Word Wrap-up

The L Word's final season is here and SheWired devoted its Top 10 Women We Love list entirely to that group of gorgeous gals whose characters we've come to know and love. SheWired readers voted iin droves for their fave Weho babe including for Kate Moennig, Leisha Hailey, Pam Grier, Jennifer Beals, Rachel Shelley and the rest of the gang!

The L Word's final season is here and SheWired devoted its Top 10 Women We Love list entirely to that group of gorgeous gals whose characters we've come to know and love. 

For the past six seasons we've tuned in to for Bette and Tina's epic romance, Alice's endless wit, Shane's indomitable appeal and Jenny's sexy crazy...among other things. And the actresses who've turned up in our living rooms year after year have become lesbian icons for their dedication to churning out such beloved gay characters - not to mention they're all pretty easy on the eyes.

Here's the definitive SheWired's Top 10 Women of the L Word 2009, based on SheWired readers' votes.

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10. Daniela Sea

From Moira to Max, Daniela Sea's played her role as FTM transgender Max with sensitivity and sex appeal. And who can resist Daniela's arms? Plus, Daniela made for the sexiest hitchhiker this side of Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise in Itty Bitty Titty Committee.


9. Cybill Shepherd

An American icon from her days in Last Picture Show and an LGBT rights activist, Cybill Shepherd as a latent lesbian and a queen of academia, Phyllis Kroll, is a continual treat to behold…especially when she’s hooking up with Jane Lynch’s Joyce Wishnia or trading academic speak with Dean Porter.


8. Mia Kirshner

It’s not easy to play the love her, hate her or just love to hate her Jenny Schecter. But wide-eyed, once-upon-an-ingénue Mia Kirshner embraced wacky, complicated Jenny. And she did it all with equal parts sex appeal, intellect and a banging body.


7. Pam Grier

It doesn’t get much hotter than seventies’ icon Pam Grier’s Kit Porter. As Bette’s big sis, she’s been vulnerable, troubled and often the show’s voice of reason. One thing’s for sure, Kit always tells it like it is. From Foxy Brown to Jackie Brown to Kit Porter, Pam’s appeal endures.

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6. Rose Rollins

Everyone loves a girl in uniform and whether the stunning Rose Rollins is in army togs, a security guard uni or out of it and rolling around with Alice, Rose’s Tasha is one hot lesbian.

5. Rachel Shelley

From uber bitch to rich bitch to prison bitch hot Brit Rachel Shelley's Helena Peabody is a force. Helena swept on to the show in season two and she's so damned fetching, a several episode arc while she was on the lam in season five, felt like an eternity.


4. Laurel Holloman

Laurel Holloman first won over gay girls' hearts as the adorable baby butch in The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, but its as Tina Kennard, one half of the L Word's central romance, that Laurel has sealed her place in collective lesbian hearts.


3. Leisha Hailey

Musician and actress Leisha Hailey plays the shows quick wit and resident gossip, Alice, with cracker-jack timing. Openly gay, Leisha, with her unending charm, is a lesbian treasure trove.

2. Kate Moennig

All the girls either want to be or sleep with Kate Moennig’s Shane. As the show’s resident lothario, Kate has an undeniably hot look and style that transcends television. Ever the devoted friend – until last season’s finale – no one has ever made lovable and slutty go hand in hand so seamlessly.


1. Jennifer Beals

Yale grad, eighties pop culture icon, nineties indie film queen and still photographer extraordinaire with exceptional deltoids, expressive big browns and a heartbreaking smile. What’s not to love about Jennifer Beals? Her Bette is brilliant, frustrating, stubborn and endlessly exciting to watch.

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