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5 Reasons You Should Pre-Order the Carol DVD

5 Reasons You Should Pre-Order the 'Carol' DVD

5 Reasons You Should Pre-Order the 'Carol' DVD

You will soon be able to hold Carol in your hands. Carol Aird aka Cate Blanchett aka the woman of our dreams aka the movie of our dreams is now available for pre-order. *sunglasses emoji*

What will you do once it's out? There's so many options. Here are a few ideas for you:

1. Have a huge screening party with your friends, who have (hopefully) already seen it a million times.


You can never watch Carol enough. OR, if you have friends who haven't seen the movie yet (gasp), this is the time for you to sit them down, and say, "You have to watch Carol or we can't be friends anymore." 

2. Host a costume party, where everyone has to either dress like a character from the movie, or dress in the style of the '50s. 


Can you imagine a whole house party full of Cate and Therese's? 

3. Get a copy of the script, and follow along with the movie, to see how Todd Haynes, and Phyllis Nagy combined their queer superpowers to direct and write such an incredible movie.


With credit to Patricia Highsmith, of course.

4. Watch the movie with your friends and come up with potential sequel ideas.


Imagine the sequel to Carol set in the '00s at Dinah Shore. Just think about it.

5. Buy a ton of copies for your friends, and maybe even send one to ABC's executives.


Because we have to support queer movies! Also, ABC, because they refused to air a Carol trailer unless they edited out a nude scene between Carol and Therese. 

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