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25 All-Time Greatest Lesbian Sex Scenes in Movies & Where To Stream Them

These sapphic scenes bring the heat and the passion to the big screen.

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Sarah Paulson Wants Do a 'Carol' Prequel With Cate Blanchett

We would like to see it!!

19 Iconic Lesbians You Should Dress Up As For Halloween

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'Moonlight' Named Best Movie of the Decade

Moonlight, Call Me by Your Name, and Carol top IndieWire's list of the best films of the last decade.

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The Carol Carolers are here to make the holidays season super gay!

10 Lesbian Halloween Costumes You Should Rock This Year

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Carol Fans Are Angry that Delta Denies Same-Sex Kiss, Demand #FreeCarol

Carol is not nearly as chaste as Delta and the Weinstein Company would have you believe. 

7 Ways the Oscars Screwed Lesbian, Bi, and Trans Women

From unforgivable snubs to jokes that definitely missed the mark, here are 7 moments that let queer women down. 

10 Academy Awards Carol Deserves to Win This Year

And the award for Best Everything goes to...Carol.

10 Lesbian-Themed Movies Every Gay Guy Should See

As a gay guy you might not want to rewatch Blue Is the Warmest Color's neverending sex scenes on repeat like some of your queer lady friends, but all of these movies are totally important to the LGBT experience. 

10 Oscar-Worthy Lesbian Sex Scenes from 2015

There's a very special category the Oscars for some reason seems to forget every year. 

32 Women in Suits Who Can Be Our Valentines in a Heartbeat

They don't even need to bring us flowers or chocolate... 

14 Pick-Up Moves We Can All Learn from Carol's Therese Belivet

Fling yourself out of space and into her arms!