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Pose's Indya Moore Claps Back at Comedian Who Called Her a 'P*ssy'

'Pose's' Indya Moore Claps Back at Comedian Who Called Her a 'P*ssy'

'Pose's' Indya Moore Claps Back at Comedian Who Called Her a 'P*ssy'

Moore went toe-to-toe with comedian D.L. Hughley for defending Kevin Hart’s homophobia.

Pose star Indya Moore was not having comedians coming to Kevin Hart’s defense after he stepped down from his Oscars hosting gig. Eventually, she found herself in a Twitter war with D.L. Hughley after the comedian defended Hart’s homophobic tweets. Moore initially drew a comparison between racism and homophobia in comedy, saying it was hypocritical for Hughley to condemn one and write off the other. Hughley responded that he didn’t “give a damn” what she thought.

“I know you don't care,” responded Moore, saying that Hughley is complacent about how his “insensitive” jokes impact the lives of the people they’re about. “I make people laugh all the time without making fun of other people. People around me listen [and] you give them permission to treat me how they want.”

Moore tweeted that the worst thing she’d ever felt was being the butt of a joke, and that the people laughing “learned from that joke that it was okay to…now make fun of me for the same reason...The psychological impact of a JOKE is detrimental not only to the mental health of the individual who is the comedic subject but also their physical safety.”

Moore went on to tell Hughley that “comedy is a excruciatingly poor justification for being a [bigot],” no matter how many people might find it funny.

“There are consequences for the things you say no matter who it makes laugh,” Moore continued, going on to say that comedians’ ability to capitalize on bigotry is a thing of the past and something the next generation won’t tolerate. “Your jokes divide people and that’s why you fail as a comedian. By all means don’t apologize, you can be all the clown you want but you will never lead with bullshit.”

Hughley clearly couldn’t handle this tea and chose to attack, calling Moore a “pussy” for being so sensitive, which the actress simply wouldn’t stand for.

“Unpacking the subtext of 55 year old @RealDLHughley calling me, a 23 year old black trans woman with a life expectancy of 35 a pussy on twitter for standing up to him in account of his complacency of comedic bigotry and how that impacts [people’s] is excruciating laborsome...Stop telling me stop defending my community and myself.”

“If you throw dirt at us,” she concluded, “I will drag you in the mud of truth without even cussing or dehumanizing you.”

One Moore and Hughley's tweet-a-tweet made headlines, she circled back with the ultimate zinger.

Mic drop.

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