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Here's Why People Think Ryan Phillippe Came Out as Gay

Here's Why People Think Ryan Phillippe Came Out as Gay

Merry Christmas?


Gather around for a Christmas story.

The holidays have often become a time for reveals.  Celebrities — and everyone else — post family members they've never posted before, partners, we've had a few coming outs, as well as even engagement announcements. If you didn't see a flood of proposal videos this weekend during Christmas, you may need to follow some more people. But this year, for Christmas 2021, one celebrity began to trend on Twitter for a simple Instagram post.

"Merry Christmas from our house to yours," Ryan Phillippe posted. With the text he posted an emoji of two guys holding hands. 

The photo itself showed Phillippe laying with Matt Sinn, in sweatpants, under a Christmas tree. The assumptions were immediate: Phillippe had come out as gay — or well, bisexual if we're being specific considering he has children.

Social media ran with the theory and Phillippe trended on Twitter Saturday night as a result. And it seemed appropriate: Phillippe and his butt had served as the sexual awakening of many queer men in Cruel Intentions. That he would now turn up with a man of his own was a salve to this brutal world for some in his comment section.

Sinn egged it on at first, posting another version of the photo — this with Phillippe looking at Sinn — to his Instagram Stories with the caption "He love me." 

Ryan Phillippe Instagram Story screenshot

But it was all a farce. Bailey Dodge, who was one of the group celebrating the holiday with Philllippe posted a photo of her and Stephanie Lauren to Instagram stories as well, laying similarly under the tree. Hours later Sinn reposted it with a new caption:

"No, Ryan Philippe didn't come out," he wrote. "Here are the girlfriends."

Ryan Phillippe Instagram Story come out

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