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30 things every gay guy in college experiences at least once

Yes, we’ve all snuck out of a window or backdoor before…

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9 Ways to Take a Stand Against LGBTQ+ Bullying After Spirit Day

Students, parents, and educators can stop bullying together all year long.

Beyoncé Says 'Your Queerness Is Beautiful' in Empowering Grad Speech

"Build your own stage, and make them see you."

College Hockey Player Got 'Bro Hugs' From Teammates After Coming Out

"This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do," Marion University hockey player Brock Weston said in a speech to his teammates.

College Basketball Player Trolled with Antigay 'Stick to Grindr' Signs

Students at New Jersey's Monmouth University are being investigated for discrimination.

20 LGBTQ Books to Help You Start the School Year Off Right

Get a head start on the new school year with 20 classic LGBTQ books we recommend!

11 of the Best Colleges for Queer Women

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5 Ways Teachers Can Make Class More LGBTQ-Friendly

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5 Tips for College Students Who Want to Start Exploring

People always say "College is a time for exploration," but what does that even mean??

Mormon Student Who Came Out at Graduation Ceremony Makes Ellen Cry

He shares the story of a gay friend who died by suicide.

International Sorority Bans All Trans Women in 'Diversity Statement'

The statement limits membership to "cisgender women."

The 'Drag Race' Season 11 Cast Taught a Fierce College Herstory Lesson

Drag should be a required course in all colleges, tbh!

University Dean Resigns After Chick-fil-A Isn't Allowed On Campus

"I felt like I had been punched in the stomach..."

Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A Isn't Welcome at This University

The fast-food chain is popular with students, but the Rider University administration took a stand against it. 

20 Things Gay/Bi Guys Should Do (and Only Can Do) While In College

If you're out in college, live it up!