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What Is With the Gays & This Instagram Pose?

What Is With the Gays & This Instagram Pose?

What Is With the Gays & This Instagram Pose?

"Ow, my neck."


Let's have a chat, team.

The other day, we were updating our awesome Instagram page (go follow us!) when we noticed a concerning trend.

Are ... you guys okay

For whatever reason, the last three people we've featured on Instagram are all striking the same pose, and it doesn't look entirely comfortable. It isn't the first time we've noticed this, either—a quick search through our follow list reveals dozens of people from our community (mostly gay men, if we're honest) rubbing their necks like they've got a pinched nerve.

Do they all have substandard mattresses? Are we as a community hunched over our phones way too much? What could the gays be doing that makes their necks sore all the time? (Don't answer that.)

We decided to see how far-reaching this epidemic is, and we're afraid the prognosis is not looking good.

"Ugh, it's been killing me all morning."


"Seriously, ow."


"I dunno, I must have slept on it weird."


"Could you massage this spot right here for me."


"Does anyone have any Bengay?"


"I can literally only turn my head this far."


"This is giving me a migraine."


"Am I doing it right." (We're just kidding Ryan, you look fierce.)


"Maybe I'll have a chiropractor look at it."


"I've heard yoga helps..."

We recommend ibuprofen, heat packs, and lots of stretching. Stay safe out there, everyone!

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