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Wait, Does Barbie Have a Girlfriend?

Wait, Does Barbie Have a Girlfriend?

Since when is Barbie bisexual? 


Lesbian screams erupted this morning as photos of Barbie and her alleged girlfriend went viral on Twitter.

The pictures in question show Barbie in a "Love Wins" t-shirt, having lunch with some woman with a sharp bob. They circulated around Twitter and queer girls celebrated the "win" all over the internet. 

But since when is Barbie bisexual? 

Sorry y'all, but the speculation is not exactly canon. The images are from a 2017 Instagram campaign on @BarbieStyle where the iconic doll came out as an ally

The project was a collaboration between Mattell and fashion blogger Aimee Song to support marriage equality and support LGBTQ+ organizations. The clothing line donated half of the proceeds from the stylish t-shirt sales to the Trevor Project, among others.

At that time, no official update was made about Barbie's sexuality or if the two were dating so it's safe to assume she's still with Ken. 

So who's the girl with the bob? It's actually Song herself, who joined in on the running Twitter joke.

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