Tomboy Fashion: Androgynous Model Beck Holladay + Troojo = Must-Taste Style Inspiration

Hi Tomboys,

I have a huge crush on Beck Holladay. I don't know what my problem is. Not my type! I'm not her type! But oo' lawdy, fan me and bring me a sweet tea so I can seduce her with my southern charm and then run away with all of these t-shirts. Once you scroll down you will see what I mean. Androgynous PDX model Beck Holladay teams up often with Troojo, a UK based fashion line and it's all I can do to introduce you two - er, three. FANS SELF.

In All Things Tomboy,


First up - Here are some Troojo T.Shirts. Beauties.

Second up - Here is a series of shots of Beck Holladay wearing Troojo T.Shirts. Beauties.

Classic Brand T.Shirt

Fate T.Shirt

Nights in Los Angeles Tee

Rose T.Shirt

Shop the entire collection here:


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