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DapperQ to Present Fashion Show for "Unconventionally Masculine" in Brooklyn NYC

DapperQ to Present Fashion Show for "Unconventionally Masculine" in Brooklyn NYC

Hey Tomboys, 

If you're anywhere near NYC this weekend you need to know about the largest celebration of style for masculine presenting women and transmasculine people that I've seen in a long time. DapperQ, the self-professed "GQ" Magazine for the Queer Community, earns that title in so many ways! Their website features everything from how-tips, interviews with the leading tastemakers of queer fashion, and to even incorporates lifestyle pieces on art + music, relationship + dating, and health + fitness. The site is truly for the well-rounded rebels.

 via DapperQ Facebook


On December 6th, DapperQ is putting on a fashion show at the Beaux Arts Court of the Brooklyn Museum. The show, "(un)heeled: a fashion show for the unconventionally masculine," is an especially clever name as the show is a response to a current exhibit at the museum titled, "The Art of the High Heeled Shoe." 

Here's what to expect at the Dec 6th Event: 

Pop up stores from leading queer clothing vendors, a "Dapper Academy" that features how-to tie bowties, how-to pick statement socks, and more. And lastly there will be a runway that will feature brands like Saint Harridan, Sharpe Suiting, Sir New York, Jag & Co and more. 


Are you kidding? I truly wish I could fly from LA to be there for this free event, but you all will have to enjoy it for me! Check out the event here on their Facebook page. See you soon in LA, DapperQ.

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